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mpm-1 I have found that by planning my meals for the month, I can drastically reduce our families grocery spending.   It takes time and a whole lot of effort though.  And to be honest the past several months I wasn’t so good about it.  But, then Scott and I sat down and took a look at our spending.  And we realized that we needed to be a whole lot better about sticking to our budget. 

And so, the first thing I did at the beginning of the month is sit down with google calendar and plan out my meals.  I made my grocery list based on this meal plan.  Then I took a trip to Walmart to stock up on a months worth of groceries.  I kid you not three separate people looked at me and my overflowing cart and one actually laughed at it. 

Some may think planning your meals out for a month isn’t flexible enough.  Basically, it is a rough estimate.  I can still switch things up a bit, but I know that aside from milk and produce, I have everything I need for the months worth of meals.  If I want to switch the meal from the 13 to the 27th, there is not rule saying I can’t.  And I don’t have to wrack my tired brain at 5:00 each day trying to figure out what we’re having for dinner.

We’re half way through the month and so far we’re on pace for sticking with the January grocery budget!  So, I thought I’d share what’s working for us at the circus as well as our meal plan for the week. 

Sunday- breakfast for dinner:  waffles

Monday- lasagna, rolls, green beans

Tuesday- dinner at a friends house, I’m bringing dessert… any suggestions? I am trying to make something without having to go out and buy any new ingredients…otherwise, I’d totally make this.  Anyone have a yummy desert recipe I can make with ingredients you have on hand around the house?

Wednesday- Sarah’s Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup, home made rolls

Thursday- I am going out for a girls night with my SIL and good friend… we’re eating at Chipotle, then watching this movie, and enjoying some “Gilmore Girls style” junk food. 

The fam, however, will be eating pepperoni bread, applesauce, and corn.

Friday- chicken pot pie (or as my kids call it… vegetable pie…they are excited b/c it is sure to make their ears taste disgusting)

Saturday-  French toast, sausage

You can check out org junkie for more menu planning ideas.


  1. Looks like a great plan!! I haven't tried planning for the month yet, but I depend on my weekly menu plan.

  2. Crystal, we must be reading each other's minds. Orgjunkie.com is my new favorite website! :) Another good one for saving money is myfrugaladventures.com.

  3. I have just started being more intentional about my menu planning...but I've only done a week's worth. You're a pro! I do find that menu planning helps us with our grocery budget and helps me know what to make each night without too much fretting.

    We're trying to also eat a bit healthier so that was a good time incorporating that in this week's menu! Yikes! It seems like everything we really love is either greasy, salty, fattening, or sugary!

  4. How fun! I discovered OrgJunkie.com about a year ago. It is so exciting! I only do the Menu Planning Monday, but even the weeks that I don't actually write down a menu, I've gotten used to planning and can kinda hash something out (even while sitting in the grocery store parking lot....) It really helps you use up the pantry/freezer stuff that gets pushed to the back! :) Have fun!

  5. I just started grocery shopping every two weeks, which I love! Its so nice to not go every week and then Chris will just stop by the store to pick up milk on his way home if we run out.

  6. This is a great idea...I, too, do the meal planning thing, but I only go two weeks at a time. I honestly never thought about doing a whole month. Though it is more work at first, it seems like a better idea. Maybe I'll try that next month!

  7. i've been wanting to meal plan for a while now, but just haven't sat down to do it. For me, its not so much the budget it will help, but the craziness of suddenly trying to figure out what to have for dinner halfway through the day. So thanks for inspiring me! ;)


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