Safe in Daddy’s Arms


Tonight is one of those nights when I am extra thankful that God has given me a helpmate in life.  And not just any helpmate, but one of the best.

My three year old was getting on the couch this evening, and if you know my girls, you know that they do this with much exuberance, so somewhere during the twirl she slipped and fell back, hitting her head on our toy box/coffee table.

I was out at the time and so I received a call saying I needed to come home with the car b/c our daughter needed stitches.  I was already in the car and ready to head home, so I continued on my way.

My son and I prayed for his sister as I drove home. 

I can honestly say I wasn’t panicked though.  Because I knew Scott was home and in control.  If anyone else had been with her, I know my Mommy heart would have been breaking.  But, I felt complete peace knowing that Scott was home managing the situation. 

As I got close to home I called to let him know and to see if we were all going to “the boo boo doctor” (our nickname for the After Hours Doctors)

He said he got an appt for 8:40 and he’d take her and I could stay home with the other two.

When I got home I gave my girl a hug and Scott showed me the injury.  He asked if I would prefer to go.  He was willing and ready to go, but he was fine with me going if as the mom I would feel better being there.

I told him to go.

photo1Because, there is no one else I wanted to be there with her.  He’s perfect in situations like these.  He’s calm and collected, logical and rational.  And yet he can make her laugh and smile.  He has an amazing ability to talk our kids down when they are worked up.  He remembers to ask the follow up questions that I never think to ask.  And really, if I was hurting, I know who I’d want there to comfort me… non other than his loving, and strong arms.   He is the perfect picture of a Daddy’s love.



  1. Poor everyone!!! So glad she is fine now. So whats the total?

  2. Bless her heart (and her head)! What a huge blessing to have such a great daddy! :)

  3. I just love this very sweet!

  4. I just love this post…so very sweet!

  5. Goodness you guys handle emergencies far better than we do over here! I'm always in panic mode when things like that happen.

    So glad Scott was home and in control and that your little acrobat will be back in action soon!

    Did I hear there was croup involved as well? Hope the crouped little one(s) is/are better also!

  6. He is amazing in those crisis situations. What a relief to you that you can trust him for his tender but controlled care.
    She is such an amazing trooper with all she goes through! If getting stitches wasn't bad enough - add croup to the equation!! Keeping the entire family in our prayers!!!!

  7. I am glad everyone is better and I love how much you love that man!

  8. That is so sweet!!!!!! I love how he took her to the doctor. Normally, it would be the mom to go.

  9. Scott is such an amazing Dad - it is evident in so many ways. And, how much you love him just spills off of the pages of your blog. I love that you have such an admirable, godly marriage. It's so inspiring!

  10. You've written a beautiful tribute.

  11. I'm so glad Scott was there... But I know that you would have been equally level headed. I'm so glad she was smiling at the end (and during!), milkshake, stitches and all! I love you guys. Wish I could be there to give her a hug!

  12. Give her a BIG HUG from me. It seems like you are so controled You do me proud. Having been thinkingof you.
    Hope you are feeling better also


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