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I was so excited at the end of the year when I checked my earnings report from Amazon.  Since my last update on Nov 8th, we earned $89.32 more!

World Vision Earnings Report - 2009

Thanks to all of you who clicked through my site first when doing your Christmas shopping at Amazon this season.  I was so excited to make a donation to World Vision’s Sudan Food and Care fund for $180!  Combined with the previous earnings, we have worked together to send $280 to aid the refugees in Sudan.

World Vision Donation 2


Remember this was money raised simply by shopping at Amazon.  It didn’t cost you anything, other than a quick stop by the circus, before heading to amazon.com. 


Remember the money we’re raising goes to help the refugees in Sudan.  Read what World Vision’s website says about the Sudan Food and Care Fund.

300,000 people have been killed during the ongoing conflict in Darfur. And across Sudan, more than 360 children lose their lives to hunger, disease, and other causes every day. Your gift today multiplies 15 times to help save children in Sudan.
The Darfur conflict has forced 2.7 million hungry and frightened children and families from their homes, leaving more than a million without food or medical care. As the largest relief organization on the ground in South Darfur, World Vision is working hard to help these innocent victims by providing food, water, medical care, and other urgent assistance to 500,000 affected people in the region. More than 315,000 internally displaced people in Darfur rely on World Vision for monthly food rations. But we need your help to continue this important work in Sudan.
Can you help us save as many lives as possible? Thanks to government grants and donated goods, your gift will multiply 15 times to provide emergency food, clean water, and other urgent assistance in Sudan, as well as medical care in Sudan and surrounding areas. You can be the difference between life and death. Thank you for sending a gift to save lives and please remember the children of Sudan in your prayers.
In the rare case that World Vision is unable to continue working in Sudan, your donation will go towards urgent humanitarian needs in the same region.

Since all money donated to World Vision’s Sudan Food and Care Fund is multiplied 15 times to help aid the children in Sudan, we’ve actually worked together to raise $4200!!  And it didn’t cost you anything!!  I can’t tell you how exciting it is to me to be able to do something to help those suffering in Sudan.  We have no idea what God can and will do with these offerings!

Thank you for clicking through the circus when making your purchases on Amazon.  I ask that you help me to continue to spread the word and tell others so they can join us aiding the refugees suffering in Sudan.  Please twit, facebook, or post about this on your blog.  Help me get others to join us, the more people that are involved the quicker the earnings accumulate into meaningful contributions.  Here is a pre-made tiny URL that can make it easy for you to twit or facebook the info.


Please continue to pass the word!

In 2009, we raised $280.  I’d love to see what we can raise in 2010!

Thanks for joining the circus in this endeavor! 


  1. How exciting!! Yes, I always go to Amazon through your link even when I am just looking - in case I find something
    :-) I have told others to go there too! Glad to see it counted!!!

  2. I love this! its absolutely wonderful. (did you know that target sells through Amazon and a lot of what you may want from them can add to this if bought from Amazon's website rather than targets?)

    Ps its Tweet not twit.

  3. It was so fun knowing that when I ordered gifts (for others or myself) it helped.


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