New Month, New Week, New Goals


February is here.  I am happy to say I’ve finally put away all our Christmas decor and while it isn’t completely conquered, I have tamed the laundry beast and gotten somewhat of a grip on the house chores and school work. 

For now

So, with this new month, I’ve set some goals for some things I’d like to get done around the house.   And thanks to two different blogging friends, I have some accountability and inspiration.  Thanks Andrea and Becky!!   

Andrea is hosting a sew along.  She’s been posting some adorable dresses and pants with pockets and all sorts of cute things she whips up in her “spare time.”  I typically look at them, drool, and think, “if only” and “perhaps I should forward the link to my SIL or my mom, people who actually use their sewing machines!”  But, then she introduced this concept of a sew along and I was intrigued.   

This is her plan:

Week 1: Know your machine- This is for absolute beginners and for those who haven't sewed in a while. This will require that you have a machine (yours or borrowed), the manual, some scrap fabric, scissors, a seam ripper, and thread.

Week 2: Gather your supplies- We'll discuss pattern selection, notions, fabric, and tools. I'll have suggestions for a few different patterns (adult and child) but you are free to use whatever pattern you want. Don't be afraid to make something for yourself! I'll be teaching using a basic dress pattern with a zipper.

Week 3: Cutting out your fabric- Learn about measuring and selecting the correct size as well as nap and grain and other fabric terms. You'll also learn what all the symbols on a pattern are, how to prep your fabric, and how to cut out the pattern. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to show you.

Week 4: Begin sewing! We'll take the plunge together and begin sewing. We'll discuss the seam ripper and how to follow the pattern directions. We'll learn about the different ways to finish seams as well as how to understitch, overstitch and other necessary garment sewing stitches.

Week 5: Finish it up! We'll talk about zippers, buttons and hemming. The fun stuff! That's right you'll have a finished garment by the first week of March!

I know she talks about garments, but I have been wanting new curtains in our master bathroom for 6 years now, so I am starting there.  (plus, no zippers are involved in the making of curtains)!  :-)   And now that my husband is almost finished fixing the plumbing in our bathroom,  we’ve made a goal to have our bathroom fully usable and even nicely decorated by the end of the month! 

These were here when we moved and  I have never liked them.  Nor have I liked the fact that the rod sticks out inches beyond the window… that too shall be fixed by months end.


As if tackling a sewing project isn’t a big enough goal, I’ve also decided to join in Becky’s WOW Carnival.    I’ve done this before…. remember when I finally got to weeding my flower beds last spring?… I owe it all to Becky.  Basically, you set a goal for a project you’ve been wanting to get to, but keep putting on the back burner, and you tackle it within one week.  This week I’d like to tackle our 2009 Family Scrapbook.  (because truthfully, I want to get to our 2007 and 2008 books as well before baby number 4 arrives to the circus in a few months).  I plan to make it digitally using  I am not sure if doing the whole book in one week is too lofty of a goal, perhaps I should say this week I’d like to organize all the pictures for our 2009 scrapbook.  But, I am going to aim for getting a good chunk of the book done this week, and I’ll check in with you later this week to fill you in on the progress.  Here’s hoping I make such great progress that I keep on scrapping 2 yrs more of memories!! 

Feeling inspired?  Feel free to join me in either or both endeavors.  Becky is even offering a Starbucks gift card to one lucky WOW participant this week.  Non bloggers are still welcome to participate, just leave her a comment letting her know your joining in the fun!    And for those of you who have more talent and comfort than I do with a sewing machine, you may want to consider checking out Andrea’s other carnival.

I’d definitely appreciate the encouragement and support as I take on these two tasks.  I promise to post updates on the progress.


  1. Okay, so you know I love to sew. I cannot wait to check out your friends blog. :D There is a fantastic website called I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! They sell ebooks. CarlaC writes the most fantastic ebooks. Her designs are awesome. Anyone who can read can make one of her creations. I highly suggest you checking her out. Reading one of her books is like taking a sewing class. Other than what my Mom has taught me I have never been "taught" how to sew. I have learned a lot from Carla. She is also on FB and is more than happy to answer questions. Good Luck on your projects this week. Btw- you might want to check out You can make books just like Shutterfuly but the price is way less. They also do Blog to Book.

  2. Good for you!

    I took a sewing class in middle school and it was really fun. I wish I kept it up.

  3. i love this! can't wait to see the curtains, too. and the scrapbook for that matter. if only i was staying until the end of Feb, i could see it all in first person!

  4. The sewing idea is a great one! I would join right in if it weren't for play practices every night. This mama is reeeeally busy right now. But when the play's over, I fully intend to tackle my desire to brush up on my sewing skills! I am making a quilt right now, with the help of a friend. I've got the front all done! It's so exciting!

  5. I'm so excited that you have joined us for this round of W.O.W. I've been curious about digital scrapbooking. You'll have to tell me how it goes.

    Here's me cheering you on today:

    Go, Crystal, Go! Scrap away! : )

  6. I will be thinking of you I hope you can see how much you get done You can say look I made that my self. We all had to start some where. Just think of me at the computor. LOL

  7. I need all day to finish up my W.O.W. project tomorrow, so I'll have the results post up on Tuesday morning. I hope you had fun scrapping! : )


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