Doing a Little Housekeeping at the Circus


Last night I finally got around to updating my circus cast page….it was LONG overdue and quite outdated, not to mention incorrectly formatted!  Take a minute and let me know what you think of the changes! 

I had my youngest as the mime b/c when I first created the page, she wasn’t yet speaking.  I am considering making number 4 my mime instead, but don’t know what circus role to give to my third child.  Any suggestions?


  1. It looks great! I love how you listed everyone's likes, dislikes, and favorite things! I think you could call the baby The Mime until his/her arrival, then reevaluate!

  2. Love #4's likes and dislikes! I have to say I agree with him or her about that stop and go traffic thing! As for a circus role for the youngest cutie already here, I'll need to think upon it. Too bad I'm not still reading that Water For Elephants book so I would be more in a Circus frame of mind. But I'll let you know if I come up with anything!

    Good changes and neat to see how everyone is growing and changing!

  3. Not sure what would be best for the third but here are a list of Jobs:
    Trapeze artist.
    Tightrope walker. Funambulism (tightrope-walking's fancier name)
    Fire breather/Eater.
    Bearded lady. (A genetic predisposition is required.)
    Stilt Walker.
    Animal Caretaker/Trainer.
    Roustabout. (Roustabouts are the people who put up the tents, drive the buses, feed the animals and clowns, and so on. The caretakers of the circus)


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