Undergoing the Change


Sometimes the music in my car radio really serves as nothing more than background noise to the chattering or squabbling going on in the back seat and the to do lists and other random thoughts going on in my brain. 

One day though something about the lyrics caused me to take pause and listen.  I turned the radio up and even though I’ve heard the song countless times before, I listened to it for the first time.

It was called “The Change” by Steven Curtis Chapman.

Well I got myself a T-shirt that says what I believe
I got letters on my bracelet to serve as my ID
I got the necklace and the key chain
And almost everything a good Christian needs, yeah
I got the little Bible magnets on my refrigerator door
And a welcome mat to bless you before you walk across my floor
I got a Jesus bumper sticker
And the outline of a fish stuck on my car
And even though this stuff's all well and good, yeah
I cannot help but ask myself

What about the change
What about the difference
What about the grace
What about forgiveness
What about a life that's showing
I'm undergoing the change, yeah
I'm undergoing the change

Well I've got this way of thinking that comes so naturally
Where I believe the whole world is revolving around me
And I got this way of living that I have to die to every single day
'Cause if God's Spirit lives inside of me, yeah

I'm gonna live life differently
I'm gonna have the change
I'm gonna have the difference
I'm gonna have the grace
I'm gonna have forgiveness
I'm gonna live a life that's showing
I'm undergoing the change

It made me think about the way we as Christians portray ourselves to the world around us.  So often we are concerned with letting everyone know we are Christians and making sure we look like “good” Christians.  But, I can’t help but think that if we spent our time and energy living our lives as Christ did, then they would be able to tell without us having to tell them.   They could see God’s work in our lives by our actions.   It is my prayer that those I encounter in my life would notice the change taking place in my life.  And that then I would be “prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have.” (1 Peter 3:15)

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  1. Those are some very good thoughts, indeed. It's so easy to just portray an image of a Christian without worrying as much about our actions also. And the old saying rings true, actions speak louder than words (or bumper stickers and welcome mats...).

  2. I agree...and if there is no visible difference in the way we live our lives, how can we truly be his hands and feet?

  3. haha -- I read the title of this post and thought, "'The change'? How can she be going through 'the change'?? She's pregnant!"

  4. So I know I have linked up twice once was last weekends thought and one for this.

    You know that old song. "They will know we are Christians by our love, By our Love, They will know we are Christians by our Love..."
    When my Dad was a Youth pastor he would tell the story about how when he was in High School he would wear Buttons with a cross or fish or verse to school to proclaim his new found faith and a Young Life leader said to him once.

    "They will know we are Christians by our Buttons? by our buttons?"

    that has really stuck with me. No matter what I do to say "hey I'm with God." Even becoming a TV evangelist, Only the workings of his spirit truly marks me as His own.

  5. I love this, C.

    "But, I can’t help but think that if we spent our time and energy living our lives as Christ did, then they would be able to tell without us having to tell them." SO, SO true. I think about this a lot in terms of my blog - that by the way I love my children, love my family, love serving and helping others, that people will see Christ in me through that.

    Awesome post.

  6. Wonderful post and right on the mark!

  7. Hey. Just going through old comments and thought I'd stop by :D


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