The Scary Monster!


My 2 year old daughter loves Sesame Street.

Except for this guy.


Every time he comes on the screen, she does this.


or this.



The first time he scared her, I came into the room to find her laying face down on the couch crying.  I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Cookie Monster yelled at me!"  I think she really thought he was yelling at her when he was screaming for his cookies.

Now every time he comes on, my son will quickly warn my daughter to cover her eyes because Cookie Monster is on! 


  1. poor thing! the green guy in the trashcan was always the scariest for me. i feel her pain!

  2. I was scared to death of the guy who paints the numbers in the street. I can remember crying and running to hide in my room until he was gone. Don't know why I feared him so much, but he scared the living fire out of me.

    Poor kid!

  3. Big brother is a SUPRHERO - protecting his little sister.

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! That is too funny about Cookie Monster. He IS kind of scary. I love your girl's glasses. Too cute!

  5. For being scared - she sure looks cute! Cookie Monster can be a little scary.

    My kids aren't scared of the characters on TV - but take them to a ball game or Disney, and watch out. Keep those mascots and characters away! (Needless to say - we aren't going back to Disney until this stage passes.)

  6. Oh, poor thing....He is a little loud and scary!


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