Looking Pathetic


I don't typically attempt this task on my own.  Not since baby number 2 arrived anyway.  But my husband had to work that day and it had to be done, so the task was left to me.  And my three kids.

I pulled into the parking lot of our vet's office, put both girls in the stroller, grabbed the dog leash, and had instructed my son to walk beside the stroller. When I tugged on Maggie's leash to start our trek across the lot, she immediately started pulling back on her leash.  She knew right away where we were and had no desire to go into that vet office. 

"Not cool Maggie, I am trying to steer a double stroller here and keep my four year old close at hand."  Cars are driving past.  "Come on girl, it's ok." 

"Maggie come!"  (said with a voice of pleading desperation)

She keeps tugging back and I am afraid she's going to pull out of her collar.  (That's all I need... my dog loose in the parking lot while I try to chase her with three toddlers in tow). 

Looks like I am stuck here.

So I pick her up.  All 37 pounds of her.  She doesn't fit easily on my hip like my kids do, since she's quite long.  So I am holding my long, fat, dog who is struggling against me and scratching my stomach as I push the awkward double stroller and keep my eye on my son.  The door feels like it is getting farther rather than closer with each awkward step.

As I approach the curb and wonder how I am going to "pop a wheelie" with Maggie in hand,  an angel appeared.   She came running out of the coffee shop, late in hand. 

"Can I help you?"  I didn't even pretend like I had it under control.

Not even for a second

I immediately and enthusiastically answered "Yes, please" as she set her late down and pushed the stroller to the vet door for me. 

She told me she saw me out the window as she was sitting with her friend in the coffee shop and "just had to come help me." 

I thanked her profusely as she opened the vet door and pushed the stroller in for me.  I vowed to myself that when my kids are grown and in school and I see some pathetic looking mom, I too will run to the rescue.

I wish the story ended here.  But it doesn't.

Once inside, Maggie is still nervous as she sees other dogs in there.  I try to hide her in the corner behind the stroller and keep the kids from touching anything while we wait in the waiting room with a rather disgruntled looking lady and her dog.  She gave me a look that said I earned my spot in THAT family.  Then my son points in the direction of the lady and her dog and says loudly, "DOG KILLER"  only it could be misinterpreted as "DOG, KILL HER"  

"What"  I cry out.  "Why would you say that" 

"Mom, look it's a dog killer"

"No, no we don't kill dogs.  What are you talking about?"

Those things mom, remember they kill dogs."

It is then that I realize he isn't pointing at that lady or her dog, but at the disgusting pictures of heart worms on the wall behind her. 

"Right, I say.  Your talking about the HEART WORMS.  They do kill dogs, that is true.  That's why we give Maggie medicine." 

At this point for whatever reason both girls are crying, loudly. 

The vet comes around the corner, and here is where he earned his pennies with me.  He gets down on his knees, talks to my kids, looks at the book they are holding, and reads it to them.  He promises he'll see us back in the room shortly. 

The kids stop crying and we parade back to the exam room.  The girls happily much on cheerios while I help to hold Maggie on the exam table and my son talks and questions the vet on everything.  He kindly answers their questions, jokes with the kids, and somehow we all end up ok.  We leave with some antibiotic, a spray, and a lovely E-collar. 

As I pay our bill, the lady at the desk asks if I need help to the car.  I am torn.  Leaving should be easier than coming.  But, pride comes before the fall.  She goes on to say, "We saw you coming in.  We were just getting ready to go help you when that lady came out. "  No use trying to save face here. 

"Yes, please, I could use a hand." 

She kindly walked Maggie to the car and home we went.  Not a moment too soon.

Guess we all looked a bit pathetic that day.  Check out Maggie's lovely new look. 



  1. wow. WOW. that has got to be the best post i've read in a while. this goes down as my favorite. and with maggie's picture as the icing on top. you poor thing. i'm curious how long everyone watched you struggle before they thought to help you. gosh, you poor, poor thing.

  2. Sorry but I had to LOL!! And then I too wondered how long those on-lookers were going to let you struggle?! And if she hadn't admitted that they saw you struggling to come in - would you have been too proud to accept the offer to help?!?!? When I give a helping hand to a mom in similar situations - I do it thinking of you, and hoping that angel is coming along when you need it. It will get easier some year :-)

  3. hence the reason we don't have a dog!

  4. Aw, poor Maggie!
    I tagged you for a meme:)

  5. D'oh! I thought my vet trips were bad, but this takes the cake! You deserve some chocoalte!

  6. Chocolate or better yet - lots or Oreos

  7. LOL - I learned that lesson the hard way too. I tried to take 2 dogs (one of which, I swear, is part pony) and both cats to the vet all on the same day. . .

    I can so see you with the stroller and the dog who only know reverse. Bless the people who came out and helped you and your crew in and out of the car. Have a great weekend!

  8. Goodness gracious, what an adventure! I think you may need a peppermint patty or twelve after that day! ;)

  9. Oh poor Maggie.

    As if pushing a double stroller isn't task enough for anyone. Dealing with a dog too, you are superwoman!!

  10. No Way! I just did the same thing yesterday. The only difference was that I had my two year old's hand, and my nine month old in a stroller, and praise the Lord, my three year old was at school. Double stroller? I just can't imagine- so nerve-racking! Way to hang in there. Happy POW

  11. Came over from THAT Family's site :-) I have been in many situatons like this and now that my kids are older and life is a bit easier, I never hesitate to help another mom in help. Your blog inspired me to keep on helping, even if mom is embarrassed!

    Maggie looks like she's really, really happy you're humiliating her with the camera - lol.

  12. Poor Maggie! And poor Mommy! Hope you can avoid vet trips for a little while in the forseeable future - say until your kids are all grown up!

  13. Great share and I really appreciate how others will sometimes do the right thing and help a mother out when her hands are obvisiously full!

  14. That's a great story. I wish more people would look out for us Moms like that...I know that if I don't have all kids in toe/tow (whichever it is) that I will do the same for a Mommy and hopefully not offend her.


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