It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...Christmas?

Ya know I love holidays...we go all out with food, clothing, decor and not just for Christmas.   I'm sporting the leprechaun hat for St Patty's day, serving up enchiladas and corona on Cinco De Mayo, and partying it up on

International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I was quite proud of myself this week when I finished buying my kids their Halloween costumes.  I mean it isn't even October yet, and we've got the Spiderman, Princess, and Lady Bug bought and hanging in the closet.

Now I didn't say anything to you all on JULY 3rd when I was shopping for last minute cookout food and saw candy corn for sale at Giant.

I am not exaggerating, my mom can back me up on this, she was with me.  HELLO... Halloween candy BEFORE the 4th of July?!?!?

But, I can't keep quiet about this....

As the kiddos and I were searching Target for trick or treating pumpkins we found Christmas lights and Christmas cards on the aisle across from Halloween decor.

We were just in the first week of fall, and already they are pushing Christmas stuff.  You gotta be careful when buying your candy, you could accidentally purchase red and green candy instead of Halloween.   And what about Thanksgiving?  Stores go from Halloween straight to Christmas.

I love Christmas.  Truly I do.  But I like to wait until I've packed away the summer clothes, and the leaves have fallen from the trees (or at least changed colors), before I start buying my Christmas cards.  I'm just saying... can't we slow down, and enjoy the season we're in without rushing and pushing for the next holiday down the line?


  1. girl, amen to that! now, i'm with you on christmas. i have even been busted listening to christmas tunes before december, but c'mon already! candy corn in july?! sheesh!

  2. You are right!! I was shopping last week and they were putting the Christmas ornaments and lights out on the shelves. UGH!! Charlie Brown would be furious!!! We do need to slow down and enjoy each day, and each season that God has given to us.

  3. Yeah- I know! I saw Christmas stuff being put out at Hobby Lobby on August 5th!!! I was shopping for Wedding Shower items (and I have it marked on my calendar), and They already had a ton of stuff out and had room for lots more. So I'm guessing they started the last week in July? I love Christmas too, BUT that is WAY too early!

  4. I'm with you on this one...I LOVE Christmas too, but I think it's crazy that retail pushes the holiday shopping seasons earlier and earlier every year!

  5. There should be a law against putting up Christmas before Thanksgiving. I love Christmas but good grief - when stuff starts popping up before Halloween is nuts.

    The only exception to this is craft stores. People who craft need a head start on their projects. I think Christmas stuff can go out at the end of summer for crafters.

  6. I agree and want to add that there is plenty of beautiful fall decor out there. Unfortunately, at most stores it is blocked by the ugliest, tackiest halloween crap. I have to admit that I will take Christmas over grim reaper costumes and huge, blow up witches.

  7. We were at Kohl's a few weeks ago and Ella saw them putting up Christmas stuff and she (loudly) started asking "why are they putting up Christmas stuff. Christmas is soooo far away." The person setting up the display told her that they have to do it now b/c it gets too busy close to Christmas! Isn't that crazy?!!!

  8. I agree. I love the fall decor so much, I hate the fact that all the stores ruch it away -and lets get ready for Christmas and before it's over the big red hearts are coming out! I don't decorate until Thanksgiving weekend. I think some of the green and red can get a bit tacky.

  9. The food magazines are doing it too. Taste of Home has their Holiday Dinner Issue out and another publication has Christmas cookies on the cover. It's like they forget we have to eat in October and most of November before we start gorging ourselves on turkey and cookies.

    And yams and stuffing and pie...

    Darn I'm hungry!

  10. We've been eating candy corn mixed with peanuts all week. Yummy!! I just started stocking up today on candy to hand out for Halloween. Now comes the test of willpower...


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