How We Enjoy the Game


Many of you know, that my hubby and I are big Pittsburgh Steelers fans.  Sadly, many of the games are not televised here.    We didn't want to miss the big opening game on Sunday, so we took the kids to Glory Days restaurant to watch the game. 

My hubby and I were a little nervous about how well this would go down.  How would we keep 3 kids entertained sitting at a restaurant table for 3 hours? 

IMG_4364Thankfully, this isn't just any restaurant.  There are TV's all around the restaurant with speakers at each table.  You punch the number of the game you want to watch, and you can hear your game at your table.  Not only does this mean that we get to watch and hear our game, but it means the restaurant is loud... as in loud enough to cover the sounds of our 3 ring circus. 

IMG_4365  We all had a great time watching the game (helps when your team is up the entire game and wins 38-17).  My son would proudly wave his terrible towel every time we got a touch down or he heard Mommy and Daddy screaming.  (Yes, we will def have to undo the damage we've done in teaching our kids restaurant manners). 

In between screaming at touchdowns, we kept the kids occupied with food.  In addition to the kids meals, we came with reinforcements of crackers and raisins. 

I also brought along some toys for them to play with at the table when they grew restless.


Play dough was a big hit with my 2 year old.


My littlest fan enjoyed playing with a toy truck.


And I printed off coloring sheets for the oldest two (went online and found football coloring sheets...even got to specify the number 7 for the quarterback I printed off)

Since we don't yet have NFL Sunday Ticket, watching the big game at Glory Days worked for us.  Coming stocked with extra snacks and plenty of toys to occupy the kiddos, enabled us to actually watch the game while we were there.   The day was a big success in our book!  (Did I mention the Steelers won 38-17)?  Success, indeed!


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  1. "Go Steelers !!!" - (Our adopted team)
    (It's a good thing they don't play Navy because for that game I would yell "Go Navy, go!!!") 8-)

  2. Great tips! I'm glad you had fun. I understand NEEDING to watch your favorite team. I love football. : ) I wish we had a restaurant like that around here.

    Thank you for your encouragement and advice on my blog this morning. I always look forward to seeing your comments.


  3. What a cool place. Is it like buffalo wild wings?

  4. That is a really great idea, too much fun! We're from Denver, so you know what that means......Steelers aren't our favorites by a long shot! : ) When we first moved to AZ, they didn't broadcast the Bronco games, so we did the sports bar thing on occasion too! Good luck this season!

  5. That place sounds a lot like Damon's which we used to have several of here in THE BURGH, but sadly, most have gone out of business.

    GO STEELERS! We bleed black and gold in our home!!!

    Love that picture of your kids reading on the potty!! Priceless!

    Great blog...found you through A Day At The Demo's and Another Stella Day.


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