Do you notice the difference?


IMG_7474 Do you see it?  Look closer... notice anything different?  That extra sparkle in my eye...The chest swelled with pride... 

I crossed yet another mommy milestone this weekend. 

First came the diaper longer could I leave the house with nothing but my purse, leaving the house suddenly entailed making sure I had diapers wipes, spare clothes, pacifiers, toys, bibs, the kitchen sink.... then came child two and mysteriously the diaper bag actually shrank as I realized I don't' need everything on those lists in the new mommy books....about a year later came the minivan.  With two small children and another on the way, it was time to move up in cargo space.

This weekend marked yet another my oldest son went to his very first soccer practice,  I took on a new title. 

I am a soccer mom!!

I've got a schedule and I'll be bringing orange slices and snack to one of the games.  We're going shopping for cleats and shin guards this week, so I'll have yet another pair of shoes to keep track of around the house.

You'll find me on the sidelines this fall screaming enthusiastically and of course snapping pictures of every move my little man makes.   And I'll take advantage of the small window of time I have when he'll actually look my way and smile when he hears me screaming loudly for him. 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! A cuter, more enthusiastic soccer mom the world has never seen. :)

    P.S. I'm soooooooooooooooooo jealous of your shirt. It's very cute!

  2. woohoo! a real soccer mom. :) welcome to the ranks. you'll be great. don't let those other, more experienced moms intimidate you. you can do it!

  3. That means I became a Soccer Nana 8-)
    Now all I need is the soccer schedule. 8-))
    I wonder who can cheer the loudest? 8-)))

  4. Is this the soccer association in my ol' 'hood???
    I use to coach in that community! Oh, the stories I could tell. Judi called me "Paps 'Gurski" especially after watching me try to straighten out a soccer goal with a sledge hammer on a moonlit night before our first game.
    Wish I was there!

  5. Now all you need is the bumper sticker! I may never be a soccer mom having a girl and all, but ya never niece has often played goalie on the boys team!!
    Enter my 100th post giveaway:)

  6. Sorry you did not get to enter my giveaway:( It fell on the weekend and that's when everyone takes a little blog break to be with family. I posted it on Friday, not thinking about that. Maybe next time. I love giving gifts!! Can't wait until Christmas. Madi will have a good time this year.

  7. Go!!!!! I remember a story that Jake told about a time when he was kicking a ball with your son in his back yard. He kept saying "Great Job Mr. Jake." and "good kick." He will be great as a team player!

  8. Hi! I've been a lurker on your blog - and can so relate to this post. But I just had to comment and say - Welcome to the Ranks! I am not a soccer mom, anymore - I'm a football, cheerleading and field hockey mom - but we all cheer on our kids and have the schedules to juggle, water bottles to keep track of and pictures to take.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog to see pics of the first football game and cheerleading of the season!

    Enjoy your son's first season!


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