Are we alone on this?


My kids have a fascination with poop. 

(Have no fear no pictures included in this post)!

Every time we change our baby's diaper, the older two want to know if it is poop and if it is they want to see it. 

As odd as it is to us, it seems like an easy and harmless enough wish to comply with that my husband and I know "don't throw the diaper into the pail until you've held it up for all to see." 

I am not a mom that laughs at her kids pain.  I consider myself to be somewhat of a softy tender hearted.  

But today, I did have to turn my head to hide my chuckle as I listened in on my husband and son's conversation.

Son crying

Husband:  What is wrong?

Son:  You didn't let me see the poop

(ok for real he isn't just whining here... REAL tears are streaming down his face)

Husband:  No, you were in the room when I changed her diaper, I held it up and called for anyone who wanted to see the poopy diaper to come see

Son:  But I didn't see it

Husband:  Then it is your fault, you sister came and saw it, I told you about it. 

Son:  still crying  (I just want to point out that he isn't a cry baby who cries over every little thing...he is crying because he is genuinely distraught and utterly disappointed).

(this is my favorite line) Husband:  I knew how important this was to you, I was surprised to find you crying because I thought you had seen the poop.

Eventually the issue is resolved as Dad pointed out he did his part, he wasn't being mean, and I reminded my son that she poops pretty much every day so he can always check it out tomorrow.

My husband and I exchanged looks which communicated, "Who knew looking at poop was so important?"  and "Can you believe I just had that conversation?"

I'm just wondering....are my kids weird?  Are we alone on this?  Or do you have similar conversations in your house? 


  1. knowing both parties as well as i do, i can say i'm surprised by this conversation at all. what i wish i could have heard, was dad calling out through the house for "anyone to see the poop that wanted to see it!" it'll be very interesting indeed when i come watch those kids. :) will i get an extra crown in heaven for that?

  2. While we don't have diapers anymore, Ella goes through phases where she has to see her poop before it's flushed. Thankfully it only applies to hers and not the rest of the housholds'. What a funny conversation - what is so fascinating about poop?!!

  3. I want to say, that " are weird"....but aren't we all? I will never forget the time I caught Joey litterally slurping up a patch of dog pee.....That has to be worse than just wanting to see it.

  4. Oh my word is that ever so funny.
    I have not experienced this poop phenomenon yet, but when I do I will surely blog about it! Poop is great blog fodder.
    I just saw your end of the week thoughtful post. Perhaps if I am on my A-game this week coming then I can do the same!

  5. This is HILARIOUS!!! We have phased in and out of Liam's facination with poop... He was thrilled to announce he "made a poop fish" swim in the toilet, and he did get really sad when I (unknowing of his attachment) flushed the trophy swimmer away. Maybe I can anticipate even more exciting moments as he learns to see even more animal shapes in his poo! :) I can see it now - snakes, bunnies, elephants - all out of poop! Ahh, the perks of a growing imagination! ;) Here's to some good poops for your children's grand enjoyment!
    ps. I love the Compassion ad you have up!

  6. It's times like these that make me glad Madi's an only child! She only has to worry about her own poop...out ough maybe the dogs! My cousins kids go outside and poop like their doggy does. (little girls btw) Now that's

  7. I don't have poop watchers here. But I do have to say that we've had some pretty interesting poopy conversations lately, with MC being sick.

  8. LAUGHING SO hard!!

    We have poop conversations regularly around these parts. SO funny that we both blogged about it today. AND, YES...I'd love you to do the meme this week. I'd love to hear what you've learned. Feel free to grab that graphic, too, if you want it!

  9. Oh we also have poop conversations in this house. Mainly though they are about their own poop. We went through a phase where Drewby was having trouble going, so after each trek to the bathroom we'd ask "Did you poop?", "A lot or a little", you get the drift. So now, even though all is well with him, he still announces - to everyone, no matter where we are, all the details when he goes.

  10. Hmmm, I think my little ones are too young to notice yet, so IU'll get back to you on this one!


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