Where’d My Baby Go?


I baby him.

A lot.

I know I never, ever babied any of my others like I do him.  It’s mostly because I know he’s my last, but also because he lets me. 

He weighs 27 lbs


and will be 2 in three months, and yet most days you’ll find me carrying him on my hip.  I joked the other day that you’ll probably find me carrying him in to kindergarten. 

By far his most favorite toy is a ball.  He still thinks all balls are footballs and before he throws you a ball he will hold it down to the ground and say, “hike-hike-hike”  Which when he does it with his Steelers football, it fills this Momma with pride, but when he does it to say a soccer or baseball, it brings a giggle. 

Today the kids and I went in the back yard to play and as I watched him, I realized how much of a little boy he is.

Try as I  might to keep him my baby, he really is growing up.  I guess it’s a good thing he has older siblings, because they keep me in line.  They don’t baby him nearly as much as I do, nor do they let him get away with us much as I do either.  (his adorable smile seems lost on them when he sneaks an extra cookie or gets into a mess)


Today as my 4 year old lifted him onto the big kid swing and pushed him, I watched in awe as he held on tight and giggled.  He loved every minute of it.   As he did climbing the ladder to the club house and sliding down the slide into his sisters arms. 


Of course, I can’t yet leave alone in the yard with the big 3 to play, I need to be there to catch and comfort.  But, he’s ready to play and explore.  And I can’t hold him back. 

He wants to do everything they do…  even if it means riding a pink bike. 


As I watched them play for hours in the warm spring sun,  I had that all too familiar feeling


that despite Momma’s best intentions


my baby is turning into a “big kid.”


Just look at him here, does he look like a baby to you?


What is going on?


  1. What a beautiful post. I echo all these sentiments with my little biscuit. I love how he follows his sister around and she teaches him about being a big kid. I'm almost giddy at envisioning a diaperless way of life in the near future, but for now, biscuit even knows I baby him when he says, "Lukie the Baby!"

  2. What beautiful memories you captured Crystal! I know the feeling in regards to your baby growing up. I feel the same way about Rachel this week.

  3. He doesn't have to be your last, does he? Five sounds like a great number!

  4. #1 I agree with Sharon :)
    #2 I love the first picture.
    #3 I'm right there with you. It's just so bittersweet.

  5. Yes! Yes! he totally STILL looks like a baby! Because if your youngest and last doesn't look like a baby than my youngest and last doesn't look like a baby! And I only have 1 more week of him not being 2.

    AAAAAHHH! How does this happen? I mean I know and I want it to, but I'd be okay if it went a little more slowly this time!


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