Getting My Butt Kicked


So, last March I ran a half marathon with my father in law.  I trained for it and was proud of myself for actually preparing for that one.  Then, as often happens after a race, I was on this “Race is Over” high or something like that and so I had nothing to push me to run.  And so I put it off.  And tomorrow, became next week, next week, became next month…. one year later and my treadmill has seen no action in over 365 days. 

Pathetic I know.

So, I randomly decided last Sunday to do the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels.  I had bought the dvd over the summer and did it once, maybe twice.

Seriously, Jillian is kicking my butt.  I have never, ever, hurt so bad before.  I think every muscle in my body except for maybe my calves is hurting. 

I am happy to report that I have done it for 5 days straight.  I don’t think I have ever worked out for 5 days in a row before.  Even when training for the 10 mile and half marathons, I was happy if I ran 2 or 3 times a week.  But, every day?  This is crazy talk. 

But, I am going to try for it.  It’s my goal to do the shred for 30 days straight.   I kinda feel like my body and my life needs a little boot camp action to hopefully kick my butt in gear, gain some muscle, lose some fat, and make working out a regular habit.  That’s why I’m trying really hard to actually do it 30 days in a row.  After that I’ll reevaluate and figure out a new goal. I need a goal. Without a goal, I let my treadmill sit idle for a year.

I love that the work out is only 20 minutes long.  It seems much more doable to squeeze 20 minutes into my day.  Unfortunately, not being a morning person has meant that I tend to squeeze this in right around lunch time… which means I also have an audience.   Which has been comical, to say the least.  My 4 year old is cracking me up with her comments as she watches me work out and sometimes joins in. 

Day 1-  “That’s it?  I wanted to do more.”

Day 2-  While getting changed into work out clothes she asks why I don’t just wear my sports bra and shorts like the girls on the video. 

Day 3-  There are two girls besides Jillian leading the exercises.  One is doing the more “advanced” moves and the other is doing the moderated moves.  So we’re watching the advanced girl, trying to keep up with her and my daughter says, “Why is the other girl smiling?”  “Me, b/c she’s having fun exercising.”  “But, she’s losing, why is she smiling?”  “She’s not losing, she’s having fun doing her best.”  “Maybe she’s smiling b/c she doesn’t know she’s losing.”  Oh dear…

Day 4- While doing the bicycle crunches “Mom, why do you scrunch your face up like that?”  “Because it hurts”  “Why don’t the girls on the video scrunch their face up?”

As you can see, she keeps me humble and makes me laugh which helps get me through the painful work outs.  I keep wanting to get up early and exercise first thing in the morning, but I find when I wake up I am so sore it takes me awhile to get out of bed and moving… does this mean I am getting old?  I have noticed that some days are easier than others… I’m hoping this means, I’m getting better.  The girls keep asking when I’ll move to level 2.  My goal is to try and get there after week 1.  We’ll see…

Any of you ever shredded before?  Does it get easier?  Does it ever stop hurting? 


  1. I've been thinking about getting that DVD! I ran two half marathons before getting married and have been a lazy bum ever since. I know it gets easier after two weeks, but I also can't get up and going first thing unless I'm meeting up with a running buddy and have no choice! I like the late morning/early afternoon schedule since it seems to give the second half of my day more energy. I love reading the girls' comments! That's too funny!

  2. I have shredded before and I have been trying to get up the nerve to start it again this week. After reading this, I am motivated to do it when Jenny wakes up from her nap today. We'll see how it goes...

    Oh, I've done it for about 15 days in a row before and never came close to moving up to level 2. I think my goal will be just to make it 30 days on level 1 and then maybe try to move up to level 2.

    I love your girls' comments...too funny!!!

  3. Keep it up Crystal! I love your daughter's comments! I've been using Jillian's 20 minute work-out video for the past 2 years- on and off. I am very much a morning person so it really works for me to get up and get right into it before that wonderful first cup of coffee. Now that the weather is getting so nice I tend to replace the video with early morning walks down to the bay with Chaz (our dog). One of my goals is to get to a point where I don't squint my face with the crunches!

  4. "Maybe she's smiling because she doesn't know she's losing." HAHAHAHAHA! As I read this I imagined her cute little cartoon voice and it cracked me up.

    I've been doing a little morning exercise, too, and it is hilarious to see Eli mimic the moves. Unfortunately there's no video so mimic-ing me is all he's got. And he looks incredibly uncoordinated. I blame it on a 2 1/2 year old not knowing the proper form for a squat. But I could be telling myself that to feel a little better.

  5. Have I shredded before? Yes...I've shredded beef, pork, chicken...oh wait you mean...oh...uhm, no. But. Derek is on a protein diet and is in need of a workout. Maybe I will get it for him and then I can be his "personal trainer." That would be fun. For me.

    But you go with your bad self, Crystal and knock out those 30 days! I know you can do it!

  6. I just started the Shred again this week so I'm feeling your pain! It does get better but just wait until level 2! I was super sore last week as well. I hope to move to level 2 after this week so I need to get my butt in gear. Oh yeah, level 3 involes plyometrics and the first time I did I just couldn't get my legs to move after awhile :) But the great thing is the 25 minute length - not to hard to motivate yourself to do that!


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