Hug and Roll


My youngest often wakes up early in the morning… you know that tricky hour of the day when it isn’t yet time for anyone to be awake but yet close enough to morning that if you let him cry it out a bit they’ll probably wake up and it’s way earlier than you want more than one child up seeing as it’s earlier than you even want to be up.  You know that time of the night/morning?

So, when this happens, I grab my lil man and bring him into bed.  He is my snuggler.  And by snuggler, I mean, wrap his sweet lil arms around your neck and lay his head on your chest and fall asleep.  Or, sit beside you and lay his head on top of your face and fall asleep.  Sometimes he’ll lay snuggled in the middle of us with one or both of us putting our arm around him. 

This of course means that we almost always end up staying in bed longer than we originally planned.   Because if your already not an early riser by nature, think of how much harder it is to get up with your sweet lil baby sleeping on top of you. 

Sometimes, however, there is not choice but to risk disrupting him and get out of bed.  And when that happens I always, always find myself thinking of that episode of Friends where Chandler Bing learns Ross’s “Hug and Roll technique”.   


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