Number 1 Sign Your Family Might Be a Little Obsessed with Football…


Since it was the first day of spring this week, I decided it might be time to take down the Valentine’s wreath from my door and switch it for my Easter one.  Today I thought I’d take it a step further and even pull out my spring/Easter/”leave up till I pull out the red/white/blue decorations for summer around Memorial day” decorations…as I did the girls were ooing and aahing over the little eggs, flowers, chicks and lambs…Then my 6 year old daughter saw the bunny my mother in law had given me a few years ago and said, “Awh look at the bunny and it’s even holding a football.”IMG_2775

Yes, that’s right… a football, not an Easter egg was the first thing to come to her mind when she saw this bunny.  Because at our house, football knows no season…it’s a year round obsession and truly, nothing says Easter like a bunny holding a football.


  1. LOL Leave it to your kiddos! Just love it!!!!!!! Surprised the bunny didn't have black and gold Easter grass :-)


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