So Long #86


While he wore the jersey for 14 years, she proudly wore hers for 3.  (more than half of her life).  It was her first jersey and I always thought it suited her personality well.  IMG_8676 

As we listened live to Hines bid his tearful goodbye to football this afternoon, we were sad to see him go but as my 7 year old pointed out, “thankful he’s not going to play for the Ravens.”  IMG_6950

We’re going to miss seeing his smiling face on the practice fields at training camp this summer.  IMG_7049

As he retires, his jersey, it seems time to retire hers as well.  As she pointed out after the announcement, “I’m going to need a new shirt so I have a new guy to cheer for and it has to be a Steelers guy because I won’t cheer for a Raven.”




From our part of Steelers nation where we proudly wear our black and gold in a land of purple, thank you, Hines Ward.  Thank you for all you brought to the game.  Thank you for your leadership both on and off the field.  Thank you for giving us something to cheer for, for so many years.  We’ll miss you and look forward to the day we can wave our towels for you again at your induction into the Hall of Fame in Canton.  DSC_8662


  1. Sniffle, sniffle. It was a sad goodbye. And those are some terrific pictures.

  2. so sad! and you REALLY need to submit this to the Steeler organization. i think they'd love it. or at the very least to Heinz's people.

  3. The positive is.....SHE IS NOT GOING TO CHEER FOR THE RAVENS!!! I hope she finds a suitable replacement.


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