Yes, I know I am a sap…


I love holidays… all holidays… as in Chinese New Year… Ground Hog Day… Mardi Gras…St Patty’s Day… Cinco De Mayo… give me a reason to make a themed meal and I’m in.  I love celebrating life with my family.

So, yes… I go a little crazy for Valentine’s Day… even if it is a holiday created by Hallmark…. I’ll still serve heart shaped food for every meal and dress my kids in red.

Scott and I went out last night.  He surprised me with flowers and a card and we went out for dinner and a movie, with Ben and Jerry’s when we got home.  It was a delightful evening.  I realized as I was getting ready last night that it was the 15th Valentine’s Day we’ve celebrated.  I still vividly remember our first… when he held my hand for the very first time. 

Today we had heart shaped donuts for breakfast… heart shaped pizza for lunch, heart shaped sandwiches for dinner and heart shaped lollipops for dessert.   We passed out Valentine’s at gymnastics and we all wore red.   It was a fun day!

I love these kids and this picture just makes me smile… more than if it was a perfectly posted one.


And I could just eat these two up… I think the candid shots might be my favorites..




Can he just be Momma’s boy forever?


My heart is so full this Valentine’s Day… with love for my husband… who makes me feel loved and adored every day of the year…and love for each of my children…I can think of nothing sweeter than being his wife and their Momma.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Living the life of a circus fam is full of adventure and love. The pictures are priceless...and yes, you do have a fabulous husband. You bring out the best in him, Crystal. BTW, the Beans girls have the same shirts...a gift from their sappy Nan. tee-hee

  2. I love those pictures! And I love that you're a sap like me for your husband, children, and family!!

  3. Your children will always remember the extra time you put into each holiday to make it special for them!! Happy Valentine's Day Circle Family!!

  4. You are a sap! But we love that about you. You make even the smallest reason for showing love and affection an event!!! Super cute Valentine photos.

  5. Love all of this. Their smiles, their shirts, the red, the celebration, the joy! All of it!

    You are a fantastic mother, Crystal. You inspire me every time I get a peek into your family.


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