A Perfect 10!


One day my 4 year old came to me with about 8 pony tail holders and asked me to put them all in her hair.  I was surprised with how cute it turned out and she was excited when she received compliments on it from her friend at church.  After realizing how well it stayed in, I decided it might be worth trying this for gymnastics.    (this is it after a night of sleep)IMG_2235

So, we tried it out for gymnastics that Tuesday.  After their classes, my 5 year old told me she gives me 1 point for her hair that day b/c it stayed in, but was loose at the end.  Her sister however awarded me 3 points b/c not only did it stay in, but her teacher told her she liked it. 

And so it began.  

It, of course, being, my receiving scores for how I style my daughters hair for gymnastics.   (because you know there isn’t enough pressure already as a mom…)

Each day before class we started allowing extra time when getting ready so I could do something special to their hair.  They always have something in mind that they want, and I try my bestest to make it happen.  And after class they’d come out and tell me my score. 

This fancy do right here earned me a 300 from my 4 year old (even though the barrette fell out in class). 


IMG_2311However, this do on my 5 year old (in which I divided her hair into 5 sections, braided each section and them combined them into a pony tail) got me a whopping 1 point.  (because it looked nice but got loose by the end).

This caused me to delve further into their grading scale.  Basically, my 4 year old is happy if I use a lot of pony tail holders, someone compliments her and it doesn’t all fall out.  She’s easy to please, and more about style than function.   

My 5 year old is a tougher judge.  She informed me that the highest score I could receive is a 10.  When I asked her what I could do to earn a 10 she told me, “Well mom, you could just do a pony tail, just a pony tail, and if at the end of class all my hairs stayed in and none were falling out, that would be a 10).   So, with her the issue isn’t number of compliments, number of pony tails, or even style.  It’s all about function.



Well, it turns out that if you sleep in a head full of braids, you wake up the next day with wavy hair.  This was a big hit.  In fact, when she wore her hair to the tutorial the next day with two tiny pony tails and the rest all wavy, it went over very well.  (whew… perhaps redeeming the 1 point score from the night before)

The next day for gymnastics, she told me that she wanted 2 little braids to come together into a pony tail.  This seemed much easier than the 5 braids I had attempted on Tuesday.  And it combined a little bit of style to the function of a pony tail.









Actually, I think the style helped with the function, as the braids helped keep those loose shorter hairs from flying out during class.  This was of course critical to my scoring at the end of class.

My score? 

100 points! 

(off the charts baby!)


  1. Love her hair that way she looks so cute Mummy will get it down it takes time.

  2. You'll be a true pro by the time they start doing meets!

  3. Practice makes a perfect 10....or 100!!!

  4. I love how you strive to please them each individually and take the time to do something special for each of them. That's a 10 in my book any day!


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