Behind Closed Doors


I am convinced that some of the best bonding between my kids takes place after we kiss them goodnight and shut the door.  The policy in our house has been that they can talk in bed (or in their drawers) as long as they are quiet and stay laying down.  (no jumping off the bed or playing with toys) The giggles and chattering drifting down the hall are some of my most cherished sounds.  In fact, it was during one of these “behind closed doors chats” that my son led his younger sister to the Lord.  She told me one day that she knew she was a Christian because she had prayed with her brother one night asking God to forgive her of her sins and be her Savior. 

So, naturally, when my oldest son moved out of the room he’d shared with his sisters for 4 years in order to share a room with his little brother, it was a bittersweet moment at the circus.

But, I think in the past year since that happened the bond of friendship between the girls has grown.  AND a genuine love of reading has transpired in my oldest sons life, as well, as a unique bond of brotherhood between the boys. 

IMG_1996When he moved into his brothers room, we knew the late night talking would cease for awhile.  But, we told him, you may stay up and read in your bed.   I had no idea at the time the hours of reading that would transpire with this new arrangement.   It is not unusual for me to have to go back and tell him lights out at 11:00.  In fact last Friday, he was beyond excited because he had managed to stay up until midnight! 

It’s a cute little arrangement that has taken place.  My youngest will contentedly lay in his crib falling asleep watching his big brother reading.  It doesn’t bother him to have the light on, or to fall asleep with someone else in the room.  In fact, I dare you to try to put him to sleep at night without his brother there. 

Last night we told the kids to get ready for bed and we went down the hall to find this. 



He sat there so quietly, so contently that we ended up leaving him there for awhile before going back and moving him to his crib.   IMG_2169

When I was taking my Elem Education classes in college, I learned that reading in front of your children is crucial to develop a life long love of reading.  They need to see that you too enjoy reading and it just isn’t something you do because you have to.  I can only imagine growing up watching his big brother read for hours every night, will have a similarly positive effect on him. 


  1. It's the Mr. Happy shirt! My favorite! :) Love this post!

  2. Love that the little one's book is upside down. R is usually doing the same thing with the other two kids! :) What touching and life altering moments.

  3. So precious!! What a great influence his older brother is having on him. So cute - them reading together :-)
    And the girls really have bonded so closely also.

  4. Those pictures in the bed are so sweet. I pray our boys have a similar bond. Eli LOVES to read. He must get it from his dad since I don't. :)


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