Sisters Sleeping Side by Side


More times than not, when I peek in on my girls before heading to bed, I find them sleeping together. 

Sometimes this means they are both down on the bottom bunk.


Sometimes, it means they are side by side in their drawers (truthfully I find them like this almost as often as I find them in the bottom bunk). 



Sometimes they are both on the floor.  (haven’t found them like that in the last 2 weeks)

And once, last week, I even found them side by side in the same drawer.  IMG_1430

As I peek in on them snuggled up together, it gives me hope that as they grow, they’ll share secrets, slumber parties, and hopefully a life long friendship, side by side….


  1. That is too, too funny that they fall asleep in the bottom drawer. Thanks for making me smile. : )

  2. That is so sweet...I can only imagine the secrets they've shared in those late night chats!!

  3. Such beautiful precious pictures! So sweet.

  4. I agree that they are indeed adorable little sleeping beauties! However, where do their clothes go when they're sleeping in their drawers? That would be an issue for me. ;-) Love how you look past all that to embrace the cuteness. That's how it should be!


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