Presidents Day at the Circus


Can I make a little confession?  I was going to skip Presidents Day… truthfully, it’s a holiday that I’ve only really given a nod to in the past, no real hoopla.  And this year it falls right before Fat Tuesday and the end of Mardi Gras… Mardi Gras is another holiday I’ve skipped in the past but for some reason this year I decided to educate the kids on New Orleans food and culture as well as jazz music… (I think it’s b/c of these Family Fun magazine recipes)…

Anyway, I was all set to celebrate Mardi Gras on Presidents Day this year b/c we are off school on Presidents Day and Tuesdays are crazy busy with school at home, piano lessons, and gymnastics…

But, then my son mentioned to me yesterday (after we had already left Aldi’s mind you)  “Mom, didn’t you say you were going to make cherry pie for Presidents Day?”    oh right…. I did…. IF ONLY HE HAD MENTIONED THAT AN HOUR EARLIER WHEN WE WERE AT THE STORE….

so… I shuffled around my Mardi Gras plans… and brought the presidents back to Presidents Day…. thanks to 1. Pinterest I found a cute craft  2. this year’s Halloween Costume we even had General Washington make an appearance… and 3. 2 additional trips to the store (b/c when I went back to Aldi’s on Monday they were out of pie crust)…. we had ourselves a President’s Day celebration….



(FYI the picture I saw on Pinterest used cotton balls for George’s hair but we were out, so we used toilet paper instead and I actually like the end result better)



Look who I caught later trying to sneak himself another piece of pie….



  1. PRICELESS!! And I agree, George looks so authentic in a toilet paper wig.

  2. Another reason why it would be cool if we lived closer: I'd just come over with my kids for things like President's Day festivities. Sort of like a co-op, if you will. How stinking amazing are you?! I mean, seriously! I'm just in awe of your willingness to educate those kids on so much more than just the Abc's and 123's (as if that's not enough)! Your kids are going to look back on their childhood with so much happiness and "Wasn't it cool that time we...?" moments? I can just see it now.

    The George Washington costume takes the cake, er pie and please say you let that baby have a second piece! Oh my! I'm terribly good at letting other people's kids indulge in a little too much dessert! :)

    Happy President's Day, my friend! You did indeed turn it into quite a holiday!

    ps. Love the new dining room table!!! Craigslist, right? Awesome.

  3. I second everything Happy says! (wish there was a "like" button for comments on blogs because she said exactly what I was thinking while reading this :)

  4. Simply - you ROCK! Way to celebrate and teach those little ones some history - geography - and culture. Hope they all enjoyed trying some new foods. Looks like your youngest went for it :-)


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