The Tooth Fairy Is Working Overtime at the Circus

Since my oldest lost his first tooth, last spring, the tooth fairy has made 4 more visits to the circus.  And judging by the giant front tooth dangling from my oldest sons top row, I think she’ll be back again this week!

IMG_7955As you may recall, we pulled my son’s first tooth in a very unconventional manner.  His second tooth was pulled the normal way by dad.  For his third tooth, he was very eager to pull it himself when his grandparents were here, so they could see.  Though he tried, it became painfully obvious that it wasn’t quite ready.  So Grandpa and Grandma had to head home before the fanfare.

Which is probably a good thing, b/c it ended up falling out that night when his 5 yr old sister smacked him in the face.  This was meant with tears not over the pain but the fact that during this altercation the tooth was either launched into the disaster zone that is our van or it was swallowed… in either case, it was never to be seen again.

A few weeks later our 5 year old started proclaiming that her tooth was wiggly.  I must confess at first I didn’t give it much thought… thinking she was exaggerating… but upon further investigation, I realized not only was it loose, but the new adult tooth was coming in already behind it (Yes… I see a very large orthodontic bill looming in our future).

Well, the only question left to ask, was how was Daddy going to pull this one?  Would it be another light saber dual?


Nope… she decided she wanted to tie it to the bathroom door and then slam the door open to pull it.


This method proved quite effective… but she wasn’t prepared for it to hurt or bleed, so there was a little shell shock at first.  (which she got over rather quickly)


Here are my two sweet gap toothed grins.  Oh how I could just eat them up!


For her second tooth, Daddy suggested tying it to the ceiling fan and then jumping off of a chair.


At first she was on board with this plan, but then came up with an idea of her own…


She wanted Daddy to tie her tooth to the spring of her umbrella and when she opened up her umbrella her tooth would fly out.   IMG_8979

However, she dropped the umbrella before popping it open and the tooth popped out early!


She didn’t mind though… now she’s missing 2 front teeth!!  And I propose she sings the classic song for us this Christmas!  (How do you pull teeth at your house?)


  1. We've had kids and Dads pull out teeth with the old wiggle, wiggle, tug, and repeat routine, and we're well over 30 tooth fairy visits now! Our littlest one (3 yo) is trying to make an early debut on the tooth fairy list by the less traditional face plant on concrete. The dentist, however, said she's probably only managed to discolor her baby tooth, but it will hold on another year.

  2. Such a creative circus crew! Love the pictures I never thought about how many tooth fairy visits four little ones will total.

  3. Anyone else getting the chills thinking about a teeth being jerked out by a door, ceiling fan, jumping from a chair, or being pulled by an umbrella? Feelin like a chalk board was scratched over here in Dallas! :) Guess I'll have to toughen up soon! Drew turns 5 in Feb! (now I know how my mother felt. I always thought pulling teeth was cool... til I got old...) :)

  4. Wow. I HAVE to share this post with whomever it was that was showing me their loose tooth the other day. I mentioned the light saber incident and got cool reactions all around. They will think this is awesome!

    (Do I get points for "whomever"? Because I'm pretty sure I used it correctly.
    I think.)

  5. We havent' lost our first tooth in the Happy Household yet, but growing up we always employed the "it will fall out when its ready" method. Boring!!!! I think I'll keep this on hand for when Noah's first tooth gets loose!

    I never cease to be amazed by the creativity of the Circus. :)


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