An Oldie But Goodie

When I uploaded my last video to you tube, I got side tracked with a little trip down memory lane as I then watched other videos the circus fam has posted to you tube in the past.

And I came across this gem.

A few things I noticed while re watching the video.

1.  My oldest son used to have that cute  4 year old voice you swear you’ll never forget but inevitably do.—listen to that sweet lil voice!

2.  It must have been spaghetti night at the circus for I can think of no other reason for all of my children to be walking around shirtless.

3.  A tripod can keep a toddler busy for a great amount of time… must pull out that tripod again next time I need an extra hand fixing dinner.

4.  On days when I think a tornado must have blown through my house, all I have to do is look back at the video, b/c I don’t think I have ever seen my house more messy than in this video clip.  Hello there is a an empty milk jug in baby doll stroller!!

As I watched this clip part of me can’t believe that I published this on you tube and my blog?  Really, shirt less kids, trash on the floor…. wow… can’t get more REAL than that.  Why couldn’t this egg nog talk have taken place when the house was clean and my kids were in cute coordinating outfits?

But, you know those golden moments usually don’t happen then.  They happen in the middle of real life.  Messy/dirty/every day life… And we gotta seize them while we can… we gotta stop and have those conversations or run and grab that video camera, right now… in the moment… b/c before you know it that moment is gone.


  1. Priceless! Reminds us that God left his throne in heaven to come down to our messy lives to save us. Merry Christmas!

  2. Great Christmas Message - over some egg nog:-)
    You're right though - you have to seize those moments WHEN they happen.

  3. They are so much fun to watch Love you ALL


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