Ever Wonder Why it’s Called Butcher Paper?


I was an elementary school teacher for 3 years.  We used butcher paper all the time for bulletin boards.  I’ve also seen it cleverly used at restaurants in place of a tablecloth to give a space for the kids to doodle while waiting.  Never… in all my years did I really stop to think why it was called butcher paper.. or what the actual intent of the paper was for. 

Scott and I got the idea to get the kids a roll of butcher paper to keep on our dining room table.  The kids LOVE to draw and my girls are always scrounging around for paper or scrap paper to doodle/draw on.  We thought why not keep a roll on our table for them to use?  Sure beats having them write on my blank check book. 

I spent some time online looking up butcher paper, comparing prices, sizes… etc.  And I had to laugh when I read this review on amazon for butcher paper.  

Finally a butcher paper worth writing a review about! I slaughter almost 2,600 cows a year and there's just nothing worse after a long day of slitting throats and yanking out entrails than to have your fresh meat crash to the saw dust covered floor because of substandard butcher paper. These guys know how to make butcher paper, the blood just slides right off! And it's easy to write on, too! I honor the memory of each cow I kill by writing his or her name on the wrapped meat parcels, and whether I use a crayon or a marker, I can be sure that name will stay on there until my customers throw the paper away.

It just made me laugh not only b/c I never really thought about the other use for the paper… in fact, truthfully, I guess I thought it got the name b/c butchers used to use paper but  I didn’t think about the fact that butchers actually still use the paper.  My favorite line was “…there’s nothing worse after a long day of slitting throats and yanking out entrails…”  In my humble opinion, I think there could be nothing worse than a long day of slitting throats and yanking out entrails….ah what lovely imagery I’ll now get when my children sit doodling at the dining room table. 


  1. Ha! My absolutely lovely SIL worked at a meat processing plant to pay her way through her college music major (an unusual combo to be sure). She told me how practical jokers would throw guts into the ears of the new people ... blech.

  2. ROLF! I love it! I honestly didn't think about it either, but now that I do I can see how inferior paper could really put a damper on an otherwise gory day.

  3. LOL! Coming from a former farm gal whose dad sends cows to slaughter each year, that description CRACKED ME UP. Oh my! My dad never names his cows, since its mostly us family and friends that uhm, eat the cows later, that would just be weird to sit at the table and wonder whether you're eating Ole Bessie or say, Hank. (See, I can't even name a cow properly...who would call a cow "Hank?!")

    And the butcher paper at the table for the kids to use is another super Circus idea!

  4. Oh yes, the gross facts of butcher paper! Our meat is still wrapped in that stuff since we buy form a local farmer and not the grocery store.

    That butcher paper keeps the blood in too! I can defrost a hunk of meat in the microwave that is wrapped in good butcher paper and the mess stays in perfectly, along with all the raw meat germs. Yay!

    Great idea about the roll of paper on the table. I may steal that idea.


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