A Day with Fish and Friends

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We had a super fun time at the aquarium today for our tutorial fieldtrip.  And although we’ve taken the kids two other times over the past 7 years, I think they had way more fun getting to go with their friends…which proves Piglet was right, “It's so much more friendly with two.” (or 40)


Having gone twice before, I kinda wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I had before… yet, I found myself amazed yet again at the incredible creatures our God has created…and I saw things I have never seen before…

My favs…

The Octopus… I have never seen an octopus up close before and he was amazing!


Check out those suckers!!


While I’ve seen a sting ray before, I have never seen one like this.  I jumped and screamed with joy when this guy decided to give us an up close glimpse of his smiley face!


Those were my two favorite creature encounters for this trip.   We also got to watch them feed some of the sting rays (another encounter I’d never had before at the aquarium)


Of course, I also greatly enjoyed watching the animals through the eyes of my children.





Unfortunately, this lil guy was feeling rather sick for his first trip to the aquarium, but he did enjoy a glimpse of the jelly fish.  As well as a nap on Daddy’s back. 






I found myself once again giving thanks for the community we are blessed to be a part of at our tutorial as I watched the kids interact with their friends at the exhibits. 


What a wonderful way to spend our Friday morning!!

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  1. I love how you can see the two homeschooling moms spring into teaching mode when the ray when vertical. It was really cool and they made sure the kids knew how cool it was.


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