A Daddy/Daughter Date…


photo (7)Scott took a vacation day on Thursday so he could spend the day with our oldest daughter.  First they went with the other kids in her Kindergarten class to see a performance of The Night Before Christmas.   Apparently the sets were gorgeous and the play was very well done.  Such a treat to go to a live theatre AND to get to see it with her school friends and Dad.  I think it was also a treat for Dad to get to see her with her school friends, it’s an aspect of her life that he doesn’t get to see very often. 

Then it was out to lunch at the American Girl doll store (or the Molly store as she called it to me when she was describing later that day).  

(OK so we don’t have American Girl dolls here yet… but we did work things out so that she she could borrow one for lunch that day, since she didn’t have one of her own.)

She was quite excited to discover they both had brown hair and glasses.


and they both were wearing the same shoes…


Filling up Molly’s cup so she could offer her a sip



From what I gathered, Scott was the best Daddy ever… totally engaging Molly and hamming up the whole event for our daughter.  In fact, later that day, he even called Molly on his cell phone b/c she had one more question for her. 

IMG_9328I don’t know all that they discussed in their lunch together.  But, I do know that they enjoyed each other and that’s what’s important.  In a family with 4 kids, one on one time between a parent and child, is a rare and treasured gift. 




My heart kept smiling all day as he’d send me little text messages with pictures of their time together. 


I think they both truly enjoyed their time together and made some memories which they’ll both cherish for a long time coming. 


  1. Sweet pics! Looks like they had a wonderful time together :)

  2. What a super special day. Just love the wonderful pictures.

  3. Thats wonderful! I am hoping to start getting some daddy dates in with ours soon.

  4. What a wonderful day for the two of them! It's obvious just by the pictures that they're having a great time! And I love how similar Molly is to your daughter, so sweet! I loved those books when I was younger. I've started collecting the books when I find them at rummage sales and such for Caroline and Katie but haven't looked into the dolls yet. I think I've got a couple/few years before they'll be ready. Is there a Molly doll in your daughter's future?

    Oh, and this would be a great scrapbook page! Especially if you printed this post to add to it? Or had Scott write a little something? I don't know why I have scrapbooking on the brain...maybe out of guilt that I only have four pages done in one scrapbook.... :/

  5. What a very special memory! I can't even imagine my husband doing this with any of our girls.


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