Who Knew?


You know me, I love a holiday.  A reason to make a fun meal or dessert, perhaps a craft or two.

This year I started getting excited about St Patty’s Day months in advance.  I found an Auntie Anne Home Pretzel Kit at BJs and bought it for March 17th… Shamrock Pretzels and Mint Choc Chip Milkshakes sounds like the PERFECT St Patty’s Day lunch to me!  In all of my excitement, I even asked my Father in Law 2 months ahead of time if he’d babysit for us on the evening of March 17th.  I thought it would be fun for Scott and I to wear green and hit an Irish Pub in Annapolis for some live Celtic music, and some authentic cuisine. 

As March 17th approached, I eagerly pulled out the circular in the paper listing all the pubs and all of their festivities.

And that’s when it hit me.  We can’t go to a pub on St. Patties Day!   The real St Patty’s Day isn’t just about wearing green, making Soda Bread and drinking a beer or two.

Every single event in the paper was talking about the pubs opening early (like noon) for people to pack in and party.  As I read event after event, I suddenly realized…

St Patrick’s Day is a drinking holiday! 

Apparently, I have been living under a leprechaun shell all my life.   I mean I knew about the green beer and all and figured we’d get a Killians or Guinness or something, but crowding into a pub with hundreds of people that have been drinking since noon was not what I had in mind.   Time to rethink the plans…


  1. Yes, your realization is pretty accurate. There is a fun, family parade in Easton on St. Pat.'s Day that Mike plays in, if you wanted to try it sometime but the pubs get kind of crazy. What we do is celebrate a day early since we always have gigs on the 17th--as in, you could go down to Galway Bay (my recommendation in Annapolis) on Wed. and enjoy the food and a pint without the silliness that ensues the next day. I mean, kegs and eggs, really?? You wouldn't believe some of the stuff we've heard and experienced being the "entertainment" and wearing kilts in the pubs....

  2. Oops, I was anonymous. P.S. Green beer is kind of ick. A general principle to consider is that if your beer is light enough that you could tell it's been dyed green, you might want to select something else ; )

  3. I hope you find a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your hubby! And enjoy all your family fun, as well!

  4. One more thing to add to your "Who knew?" Killian's is not actually an Irish beer, "Irish Red" is a style of beer :-) Harp, Guinness, Smithwick's(which is an Irish Red style), Murphy's and Beamish are all Irish beers as in they come from Ireland. :-) You can always do what we do and pick up some Guinness and Harp to make black and tans with at home!

  5. Haha! If I wasn't pregnant I probably would have tried to score some free grandparent babysitting and a night out on the town to also realize, too late though, that everyone else in the area had the same great idea. :) Hope you have a blast, whatever you do!

  6. Look at your i.t. guy making the blog subtitle more accurate!!! Yay! In true Circus fashion, a little bit late is better than not at all! =)


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