Phil, You Couldn’t Have Been MORE wrong


March in Maryland is always fickle.  Short sleeves one day and winter coats the next.

You always know when the first “jacket less” day arrives, that it is just a tease.  And try as you may to simply embrace and enjoy it, the next day when you have to scramble for your winter coat and hat, it is always a bit disappointing.

Having lived in Maryland for most of my life, I know this and expect it.  I don’t put away the winter clothes till the end of May.  And our drawers bulge for the month of April with both sweatshirts and shorts.

But, this year, this year seems worse somehow. 

This year I find myself yearning for spring more than ever.   I am so tired of having to worry about coats and hats on top of shin guards and cleats.   It is March…. the end of March…. I want flip flops people!!   And yet today I read this forecast .  “Light snow is expected to arrive late Saturday night, with snow continuing through early Sunday afternoon. With warm ground temperatures, snow will have a difficult time sticking to the ground. High temperatures Sunday are only expected to reach the mid to upper 30s” 

Yea… so much for flip flops… looks like my girls are going to be wearing winter coats and hats for their first soccer game. 

Cruel, I tell ya cruel….


  1. Are you talking about Maryland or Minnesota?

    I wouldn't recommend the bread thing at night!
    My baby just hit one. I have been crying for months now! Even if I had 10 kids I think I would still cry for the last one. What about you?

  2. I agree!! Sun is shining and crocus are blooming - BUT it is COLD here too. At leaset your girls will be running and making some body heat.

  3. It rained in CA all week, and now we're expecting some sun this week! Our weather is so fickle here!

  4. well said. grrrrrrr!!!

  5. I love saying this, because every year it is true (although I think my hubby is tired of me saying it), but March really comes in like a lamb but goes out like a lion :)


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