Forget Something?


Last week I mentioned on face book that I love how Scott makes me a pot of coffee every morning.

And, I do.

Makes me smile each morning when I come to the kitchen and pour myself a cup.

And I smile again later that morning as I go back to top it off.   Again… and again.

Thursday, however, I had to laugh when I went to pour my cup of coffee. 

Seems he forgot something when making my morning “I love you.”

photo (1)

While he did put the coffee beans in the grinder, change the filter, add the water, and turned it on, he forgot one very important step.

Putting the coffee pot back into the machine.

I wonder if perhaps he too could benefit from a morning cup of caffeine.


  1. I'm not sure who I feel more bad for: you because you had a mess on your hands AND no coffee or Scott, simply because what a sweet guy he is to make you your coffee when he obviously still has a few sleepies in his eyes himself! Hope tomorrow the coffee's in the pot instead of on the countertop!

  2. oh no! poor guy. such great heart, such poor execution. well, today anyways. I bet he'll never make that mistake again!

  3. That's great! The poor guy. Well, at least you got a chuckle, after cleaning it up!


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