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Exciting things are happening round the circus parts this week and it’s only Tuesday!!

Sunday, I ran a half marathon with my FIL.  My friend, who had to run a h2011-03-06 BandA 1-2 Marathon 1alf marathon in order to see me in real life, also ran but she was so stinking fast that I am glad I caught her in line for the potty before the race, b/c there was no seeing her after that.   Dad and I ran at our own pace and I felt much, much better about this race than my last race.  This time, I felt prepared and when I finished I didn’t feel like I was going to die.  Last time I knew I wasn’t prepared and it felt AWFUL!   As an added treat a friend of mine surprised me and ran the last 3 miles of the race with me.  She was a true cheerleader and burst of enthusiasm and I was touched that she went to so much effort to surprise and encourage me.   Joc, you rock!

Monday, I could barely walk…see above…but I did get a night out with my friend Megh.  We grabbed dinner and went shopping for jeans…in a size I haven’t worn in YEARS!!  That’s right folks, I am happy to share I am now at the size I was before I got pregnant with my son, over 7 years ago!!  Wahoo… I am super psyched about that!  And I truly appreciate the time to catch up with Megh as well as her help in answering such baffling questions as “What is boot cut?”  and “Do I want dark jeans or light?”  These are the things I am clueless about and I always appreciate her insight.  She willingly comes along with me when I need a night out of shopping sans kiddos and I love that we can just pick up where we left off, filling each other in on our lives and chatting about movies and TV shows.  We’ve never really been in the same stage of life ever in our friendship, but I truly appreciate how she just sorta rolls with my crazy chaotic life and accepts me for what I am. 

While out with Megh, I got a text from Scott which read “Looks like someone has his first loose toothSmile  I was so happy for him b/c he’s been waiting for a loose tooth since early Kindergarten.  When I got home a few hours later and went in to peek on all the kids, he was still up and was super excited to show me how it wiggles!  Here’s a picture of his smile before it changes.  IMG_9448

Races, New Jeans, Great Friends and Loose Teeth… Oh My… the excitement here at the circus is mounting and we haven’t even reached Hump Day yet! 

How’s your week been?


  1. I love your enthusiasm for life! So glad your race went well! How cool of your friend to run the last three miles with you! That's a testament to friendship, for sure! I'd be more the "wait at the end with a drink and a smile" type!

    Sounds like such a fun and exciting shopping trip for new jeans! I loathe jean shopping even after finding my new love, the skinny jeans. However, even they bring their own set of low rise issues of showing my big rise yanks out the back when I bend over! #Not a fashion plate over here!

    The new jeans in your pre-pregnany size can only be matched in enthusiasm to your son's first loose tooth! What a milestone! Yay!

    Hope the rest of your week finishes as strong as it started, friend!

  2. What a great week already!!!

    Congrats on the race, loose tooth and new jeans in a new size!!!

    It's great to have friendships that can fall into place right where they've left off.

    I pray that the rest of your week continues to be as fun and exciting as the first of it has been!

  3. so glad your blog made me look like i know something about fashion! if the internet world only knew... :)


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