Her Time to Shine


Finally, she was legally aloud to cross the white line

My daughter finaly steps on the soccer field

and she loved every.single. moment!

My little girl loves to play soccer

At the beginning of the half one of the coaches asked if she was ready to stand with her on the side.  Her response, “No.  I want to play!” 

three and a half year old soccer girl

And play, she did… scoring 2 goals!  (plus one in the other teams goal)

three and a half year old daughter scoring a soccer goal

Her smile truly radiated the entire time she was out there.

Happy young soccer star

I L-O-V-E being a soccer mom… being HER soccer mom!

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  1. man, she does look SO happy! so proud of her!

  2. She really needs "86" on her shirt. She smiles just like Hines Ward - all through the game. Can't wait to see her play a game.

  3. Love this post. Especially the last picture.

  4. yes, fantastic pictures!


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