The Things People Will Say to a Big Belly


In the past week I’ve had some humorous discussions about my ever growing belly.  I had forgotten the funny things kids will do and say to a women with a big belly.  I was teaching 3 rd grade when I was pregnant with my son and my students were a never ending source of comical observations on my pregnant belly.

But, my own children are quite used to pregnancy.  They get it more than most.  I realized the other day that for my son I have been pregnant 27 months of his life… that means that for over 2 of his 6 yrs he’s lived with a pregnant momma.  (poor guy I know)!

Last week I was one of the parent volunteers at my son’s tutorial.  An adorable 4 yr old girl asked me why by belly was so big.  I told her it was because I had a baby in there.  She then asked, “Did you eat the baby?”

The girls in the kindergarten class seemed unable to keep their hands off of my belly.  Every time they saw me, they’d come over and rub it and say, “Your baby must be SO BIG!” 

My own daughter was commenting on the baby this week.  She is convinced the only way to talk to the baby is through my belly button (so she always lifts my shirt when she wants to talk to or sing to the baby).  When looking at my belly button the other day my 2 yr old said, “I hope the baby doesn’t get lost in the hole!”

On Saturday when Scott and I were delivering lunches with our church to the homeless in Baltimore,  my belly provided an ice breaker of sorts for starting conversations.  Sometimes I have a hard time knowing how to strike up a conversation when we’re there but many asked about my baby, what we were having, what names we were thinking of, it was a wonderful conversation piece.   When I told a few of them we were going to be surprised as to what we were having, one man replied, “Yea, I wouldn’t get one of those sonograms…the babies don’t like it.”  I told him we had a sonogram just didn’t find out what the sex of the baby was.  He commented on how the babies are always screwing their faces in weird positions probably b/c they don’t like the sonogram waves going through them.  I am never one to argue so I just kinda smiled and nodded.  He then said, “How would you like to have those waves go through you?”  I started to say something like, I guess I wouldn’t, when both of us realized the humor in his statement.  He laughed and said, "I guess you would know since it would have gone through you too.”  We then laughed and the conversation was over.

I’ve got approximately 5 weeks left to go in my pregnancy.  And  I seem to have reached that stage where people feel I am so big, I must be ready to pop any second, and thus the comments begin.  People start assuming that the time is “any day now” and when I reply that I have 5 weeks to go, they kinda stop short.  I then say something like, “yup, just gonna get bigger from here.”  The comments truly don’t bother me.  In fact, I think it is quite comical to watch people put their feet in their mouths and then try to get em out. 

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had someone tell me she was sure I was having a girl.  When I asked why she said “because people always have big butts when they are carrying girls.”

Hmmm…. thanks….

When I was carrying my son, I was often asked if I was having twins. 

Again I really don’t mind the comments, I just think it is so funny that people feel so comfortable walking up to a stranger and telling her she looks big.  I am a “keep to yourself kinda girl.”  Not one for small talk and never one to initiate conversations with strangers if I don’t have to.    So I find it so baffling when strangers feel comfortable coming up and sharing their thoughts with me. 

Am I alone in this or have any of you had some funny comments come your way when preggo?


  1. Funny... I always hated those comments internally, but laughed on the outside. Now, I wish I could get some comments :( - I do like hearing what is going on in my pregnant friends' pregnancies though!

    Someone close to me said, "I knew you were pregnant! Your butt always expands when you are!" THANKS!!! :)

  2. People can be so funny and weird...I dont remember any comments but I was on bed rest the last 6 weeks so maybe that's why. I will welcome them next time along, I want another one so bad!

  3. i once had an argument with a lady at the mn state fair because i didn't want to tell her the name i was thinking of for our baby. a HUGE argument. It was so dumb!

  4. All those comments were cute!! Kids ares so innocent when it comes to theirs!!

    Oh my gosh, it's been so long since I've been pregnant that I can't even think of any that I had!! :)

  5. Seriously, I am laughing out loud (well, silently, as it is 7:30 and my children are still miraculously asleep). You and me both Crystal! You are right, it is about the "6 weeks to go" stage when people start saying "any day." My husband has started thanking people when they say something like, "Oh Karlene, you look so great." He really is, truly grateful that he won't have to hear about ANOTHER "You-look-like-you're-ready-to-pop" comment. (Since I always go home and share them with him.) Or when people seem to think that they know you aren't going to make it that last month. "No, you don't have 4 more weeks, I bet that baby would come out now if you just jumped." Seriously, do they think that is a compliment?

  6. A few weeks ago Kenzie was looking at my belly and noticed how my preggo bellybutton sticks out... "Your bellybutton is pointy" ... lifts up her own shirt, "Mine's not pointy" ... "Yours looks like a skittle!" :)

  7. You're totally right about the kindergarten kids. They just really can't keep their hands away from my belly. It's cute though, because they are so excited. On the other hand... I've been getting less comments on my belly these days, and more comments on my backside... seriously. Like, a lot. And mostly from my own kids! But I'll have to share those quotes with you privately :)

  8. Oh hey! That last one was me! I'm writing this from my new computer, and it doesn't know you yet. But now it does!

  9. People are so socially clueless when it comes to all things pregnancy related.... whether struggling with infertility "isn't it about time you started popping out some kids?" or "fat jokes" when you ARE pregnant. You are lovely, my friend.

  10. Funny! I've received many similary comments, and like you, they really don't bother me (much???). It is comical to see what kinds of things people can come up with! 5're getting so close. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  11. I was working at a coffee shop with my first pregnancy. When I was not quite 6 mos. pregnant yet, one of the regular customers (a man) remarked, "Wow, you look ready to pop any day now!" I wonder what he thought when I continued to get bigger and bigger for a few more months?!! Crazy.

  12. hahaha! I love the kids quotes! Jake and I are sitting here laughing over them! Enjoy the last few weeks!

  13. I love the "did you eat the baby" question! My favorite pregnancy quote came from our pastor. I used to sing on the praise team and had just sat down after singing the song before the sermon. He stood up and then announced to the church that since I was pregnant, this was the only time in life he could tell me I looked huge. :)


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