Green Acres We are There


As the kids and I frolicked around the local farm park with friends the other day, I couldn’t help but smirk at my youngest in her “farm girl” attire.


As she eagerly peeked in on the baby piglets in with her dazzling shades and hot pink purse…


IMG_7650 She wrinkled her nose and said, “Mommy, something is stinky!”

IMG_7652 I couldn’t help but think of Za Za Gabor in Green Acres.

Anyone else notice the resemblance?



  1. That is so funny! My little one pulled a that's stinky not too long ago at the zoo. I love the outfit with her boots!
    And one of my recent posts is also about a farm :)

  2. She is the cutest! Much cuter than Zsa Zsa. Love her sense of cowgirl style and her ability to accessorize for any occasion! Because, pink purses and cowgirl boots go with everything!

  3. I especially love the first photo. what a cutie!!

  4. I definitely see the resemblance!! She is too cute!

  5. Adorable! You definitely have citykids (as do I--okay, suburbia kids). I grew up in the middle of fields (literally!), so this has been an adjustment for me to think my kids don't know about corn being knee-high by the 4th of July or the smell of fresh haybales. But there are definite perks of living in the city.

  6. DEFINITELY!! Too cute - and very very ZaZa

  7. she is such a girl, isn't she?! love the boots and the purse. but maybe it's really the glasses that i love best. and she's got the personality to pull it all off, too!

  8. Aww! I love the little piggies :)

    (And the purse and shades are rockin!!!)


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