My Girls Will Sleep Anywhere


I went in to wake my daughter from nap time today and found her like this.


I’m not sure if she fell asleep while playing or if she was just doing all she could to keep herself from falling asleep. 

Either way, looks rather uncomfortable to me.

Then there’s her sister.

We looked down during a soccer game a few weeks ago and found her like this.IMG_7007

Yes, that would be my youngest asleep ON the soccer field, during a game.


And, yes, I took a picture of her sleeping on the field, before I removed her.

Seems, if they are tired enough, my girls will sleep in the most unusual positions. 


  1. That is amazing. Mine will not sleep anywhere.

  2. I love it! I like the need for a picture. Blogging is the new scrapbooking. I heard a story of a woman who was in an accident, was being transported to the hospital in the ambulance, and asked the EMT to take a picture so she could scrapbook about it later.

  3. Too funny! You are blessed that they can sleep so easily. Mine never sleep anywhere. Especially not in the car, unless we are 15 minutes from our destination of course.

  4. that is hilarious! they don't look comfortable to me. I love the expression in the first pic. and your youngest on the grass? or is it more like dirt...

  5. very cute! and very funny! i must have high maintenance sleepers b/c i have never stumbled upon such scenarios! wish i would, though, b/c its super cute!

  6. How funny!! I don't think my kids can fall asleep that easily, but I sure can if I'm tired enough!

  7. too funny! I love that your youngest was ON the field! That is hilarious! Now, if only I could have that ability. I wonder if it's something you can learn! :)

  8. Consider yourself very lucky! I have a light sleeper who is very peculiar about where she sleeps!

  9. Haha, I love that first photo! She's so cute. Kids are so funny. Noah fell asleep sitting up in the grocery cart last week, I had to hold his head while grabbing food cause he kept doing that thing where your head falls forward.

  10. LOL! I wish my kids could get some of that sleeping magic there :) Mine don't even nap past the age of 2 when I put them in their CRIBS!

    BTW...the art museum has NEVER been attempted with my entire circus :) I take just my older two. The BMA has FABULOUS FREE activities on Sunday afternoon - a lovely intro to the museum. We go early for an art tour OR stay after our activity and tour a little. It is always a BLAST!

  11. This is great! Last night we went in to check on the kids and found our daughter with her head and shoulders on the bed, but her legs were off the bed with her feet almost standing on the floor. The kicker was that she'd wet herself... my husband found this out as he knelt in the puddle that had formed under her on the floor, not in her bed. :) haha


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