6 Years…


weekend of April 16-19 006

6 years ago, I was also carrying a baby in my belly.   (In fact, this picture was taken exactly 6 yrs ago to the date). 

The nursery was prepped, the hospital bag had long been packed.   I was basically sitting around waiting to have a baby. I do not recommend going with that strategy… what a long week of waiting that was.  Now I try to plan things right up to and past the due date, so I am not in that hurry up and wait mode. 




I had no idea how my world was going to change in the next week.  You think you know, you think your ready, but until that moment arrives and you’re holding that precious new life in your arms, you just don’t know.  Birthday 034b

Even though my son slept like a log that first night, I barely slept at all.  You know how babies hit that deep sleep, and you can’t wake them for anything, shortly after being born?  I know wisdom would have had me sleeping while he slept, but I just kept staring at him.  Wondering what he’d be like when he grew up.  What would he  like to do?  What would we play?  I just kept staring at him.  My heart was full to overflowing with gratitude and happiness.  Scott and I kept singing him songs and praying and pondering this new little person in our arms.  

Dreaming of Sailing

I can’t believe 6 years have come and gone already.  His personality and gifting have really started to shine through.  We’ve passed infancy, toddlerhood and preschool.  He’s almost a first grader!  He’s a big brother (3 times over).  He has a real and passionate relationship with God.  He loves baseball and fishing.  He’s a deep thinker and has an amazing memory.  He’s one of the most thoughtful and patient little guys I’ve ever met.  He is detail oriented and loves to draw and color.  He is not a risk taker.   He is literal and sees the world in black and white with no room for grey.  

6 years have come and gone and I still find myself overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving.  I still ponder his future and wonder about the man he will become.  I still can’t believe that I have the privilege of being his mom.     IMG_7149

So much has changed, and yet so much is still very much the same. 

For more flashback fun, visit here.


  1. I can't even imagine how it must feel that your firstborn is turning six. Six. Noah is only four and I get that weepy feeling about the passage of time. Seeing his newborn baby pics up there totally made me feel all "I want another baby...." He was and is totally adorable and I'm just so excited that I've met that little man in person. I enjoy reading about his awesome personality here...he says the funniest and the smartest things I've ever heard a boy his age say! His family is a blessed one and so is he!

  2. That little baby boy has a firm grip on my heart.

  3. I love him so much, too! It's hard to believe that the last two pictures are the same kid. Makes me curious about Eli. I hope he has half the inquisitive brain as your little guy. Who isn't so little anymore! (And he's handsome, too.)

  4. How sweet! Happy Birthday to your little man!

  5. I can just see him grow so fast. He is some little man. I love to read the things he says.

  6. What a handsome young man!

    And let me tell you, my oldest is almost 20. And I stillllll cannot sleep good when they are sick or not home.

  7. A beautiful begining :)

  8. Awww!! What a handsome guy!!!!!

    Those 6 years went by so fast, didn't they?

  9. What a beautiful post of memories from a loving mom!

    Your little guy is growing up fast but I'm so glad to read how you treasure up in your heart all the special moments.


  10. You're absolutely right - there is NOTHING like it. I remember just looking at my little boy and even recording every little change. By the time I had my third, the baby book wasn't such a priority but pictures were so that's good. What a great memory this was and a great flashback!! Have a good weekend ~ ♥

  11. awwww - so precious!!! I'm stopping by from the photo flashback - your blog is beautiful! :)

  12. Terrific birthday post to your little man. Where did those 6 years go?!?!? Seems like just yesterday.

  13. Your post reminded me of that feeling when you have your first baby, it is overwhelming. Now my first born is about to get married, so enjoy those years, but don't be frightened to let them go.

  14. Ah! Happy Birthday to your handsome son! He looked to so cute in his little nautical/beach outfit...and so grown up in his current photo.

    They really grow sooooo fast! What a sweet post.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I am heading to bed, but finally got the chance to link up...tomorrow, my hubby and I are driving early, early in the morning to Atlanta to listen to a Christian preacher, so it may be Sunday before I get some more blog reading.)

  15. Such a sweet post, Crystal. You are raising him to be a wonderful man after God's own heart.


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