One Step Closer


Since before each of my children were born, my hearts deepest desire has been for them to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior.   My son has demonstrated to us numerous times through various conversations that he recognizes he is a sinner and Christ died on the cross to forgive his sins. 

IMG_7023 My girls have not come to that point yet, but this Easter season we got one step closer.  We did the Resurrection Eggs with the kids this year and the way we did it was to start 12 days prior to Easter and open one egg each day leading up to Easter Sunday, opening the 12th egg, Easter night.  We would spend time review the previously discussed eggs each night, with the hopes of truly solidifying the Easter story in their hearts and minds and helping them to grasp the significance of the events leading up to our Lord’s death and resurrection. 

One night we were discussing the cross and my husband asked my oldest daughter some questions. 

“Who died on the cross?”


“Why did he die on the cross?”

“Because he loved us.”

“What did he die for?”

“Our sins”

“Whose sins?”

“All of our sins”

“Did he die for your sins?”

“He died for EVERYBODY’S sins”

It took several rounds of discussing and questioning to get her to not just answer everybody’s sins, but to get her to say that he died for HER SINS.  And this was a crucial first step towards her coming to a saving faith of her own.

This is a huge point, that in my opinion is well worth spending time on.  It can be easy to say, “Yes, Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins.”  My girls can even tell you that sins are the bad things we do and that Jesus didn’t do anything bad.  But, until my child recognizes that she herself is a sinner, that Jesus died on the cross to take the consequences of her sins, until she makes it personal, she won’t recognize her need for a personal Savior. 

My prayer for my kids isn’t simply that they grow up with a sound head knowledge of Christian doctrine.  My prayer is that my children will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  That they will call Him Lord.  This relationship is possible only because Christ, who had no sin, took the consequence of our sin upon Himself when he died on the cross.  With the consequence paid, the perfectly just creator God can be united with me and my imperfect daughters.  Jesus is the mediator between us and God, but only if we personally acknowledge our need for a mediator. 

Before my girls can have that personal relationship with our Lord, they need to first recognize that they personally are a sinner.  That their personal sins were enough to require Jesus to die on the cross.  He did it for them.  Once they recognize that point, then they can grasp what is means to call Christ their personal savior.  Then, once Christ is their Lord, they can go on to live the life of purpose God intends for them.

I eagerly await that day.  We’re one step closer.


  1. Beautifully spoken - thanks. Praying for those same things for all of our grandchildren, daily.

  2. So awesome Crystal! Love it!

  3. Such special memories being made, nothing is sweeter than hearing your child share their understanding of God's love for them! Also, I so need to get me some Resurrection Eggs! I have a year to procrastinate :)

  4. So really this is one of the best posts! Great, great, great post! Just wanted to let you know how much I really liked this post! :)

  5. woohoo! this post excites me so much! now that i have our little Eli and pray for him to one day love the Lord with all his heart, i can appreciate the huge step this is for your daughter. give her a big hug for me!

  6. here here! I have to agree with you on this post. What can be more wonderful than for your child to confess their sin to Jesus and ask for his sacrifice to cover their sin so they can live eternally with our Savior in Heaven? Oh, I LOVE this post!

  7. Amen!!! I totally agree!!!! Wonderful post!

  8. Wonderful post Crystal! : )

  9. How wonderful!! Recognizing that we are sinners truly is the first step towards accepting Christ! I'm so glad that you are teaching your children a love of Christ and doing such a great job of modeling for them.

  10. What an important milestone in her faith walk! You guys do such a good job of teaching them and helping them understand! Hooray for her and good job to you and Scott for being such wonderful parents!


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