WOW! I did it!!

Thanks to Becky and her super fun WOW (within one week) carnival, I managed to tackle my overgrown flower beds and get them spruced up in time for summer.  I realize many of you did your spring planting early this spring, but I already told you yesterday, I am not always timely.

Check out the before and after.

Flower Bed #1:


I’d still like to cut my rose bushes down some, but I think you will agree it looks MUCH better than it did last week.


Flowerbed #2:


I grabbed our shepherd’s hook out of our shed and added a wind chime from our deck and a new hanging basket.  It’s my favorite part of the bed.


Flowerbed #3:



A close up of the plants.  I added some Impatients in between each of the hostas.  Impatients work well in shade which defines my front yard.  And it seemed an appropriate plant for the circus…cause we needs lots of patience here!


Flower Bed #4


Note the watering can—my kids favorite part of the project!


Flowerbed #5:  The Garden


Despite my lack of follow through last year, I am going to try again with a small vegetable garden.  I purchased a tomato plant, 2 red pepper plants, some squash, zucchini, and some pumpkin seeds.  I got the garden weeded and a weed tarp laid down.  I didn’t get the vegetables planted yet.  I hope to tomorrow morning.  I am also hoping to tear out some day lilies (read get my husband to dig out the day lilies) in the side bed in front of the fence, to plant more vegetables if needed.  I am thinking about plating some lettuce seeds in a big flower pot to sit on my sidewalk.  I’d also like to plant some sunflower seeds along my fence.

Check out the improvement (and my neighbor’s dog)!


I am really thankful to Becky for hosting this carnival.  Without it I am not sure I would have made the very concerted effort to tackle our flower beds (at least not in the last 5 days).  I am so happy with the curb appeal it has provided to our home.  And now that I’ve gotten started, I think I may have forgotten about my not so green thumb and I am eager to tackle some veggies!

Visit Becky to cheer on some other productive bloggers who tackled projects this past week.


  1. Beautious! Perfect timing to have your flower beds ready for the coming Memorial Day weekend! You must have worked hard, girl. And it's a job well done! Can't wait to hear more about your veggies.

  2. great job! now if only i too could be so inspired! :-) your flower beds look just awesome! love it! :-)

  3. those flower beds look amazing! i can't believe you did all that in 5 days! i wish i was so motivated. what a fun week outside, too.

  4. Great job! I can tell you've been working hard!! They look great!

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love how much you did in your yard! It looks great! I know how hard it is to be on your knees all day weeding. Ouch! Now you will be able to enjoy your yard for the rest of the summer.
    I totally agree with you on the inside of the house. I think Becky needs to do another WOW to catch up on the everyday cleaning now because the rest of my house looks horrible.

  6. great job crystal! i can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

  7. Beautiful! Wow! I am amazed at how much work you did this week. I hope you get the deserve to sip back and sip that java!!

  8. That Looks great! I have been getting mine done a little at a time. Get some rest and enjoy it now.

  9. What a great job you did on your flowerbeds. I love how they all look. You worked hard this week!

  10. I'm amazed, impressed and want to give you a hi 5! Way to get to work! I know you are satisfied.

  11. Your yard looks great! I hope your flowers do well! :)

  12. You definitely wowed for your W.O.W! It all looks fantastic! Look like alot of work as attempts at a green thumb this year are already turn to brown thumb turnout!
    Great Job! :-)

  13. They look beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice job.

  14. Those look amazing! You did such a great job! They look even more beautiful than I had pictured. Way to go!


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