WOW Have I Gotta Lot to Do!!


If you’re anything like me then perhaps you’ve got a project or two that’s been sitting on the back burner for awhile… in the daily struggle to get dinner on the table and clean underwear out of the dryer, some how those bigger projects get pushed off until “later.”

Well, Becky’s got a carnival going on this week to inspire us to tackle those projects we’ve been meaning to get to, but haven’t.

It’s called WOW.  And it began on Wednesday.  Yes, I know it is Friday, but I am speedy like that.  Always the first car in line at the preschool drop off, always returning library books before their due… ahem, yea not so much…this is life at the circus, remember?

The premise of WOW is to pick one project that you will get done within one week.  Get it?  Wow.. Yea, she is so clever.   

So, being as it is Friday and I am now participating in WLTOW (within less than one week…not quite as catchy), I’ve got some work to do…

I hope to tackle my flower beds this week… Yes, all 5 of them.  They need  to be weeded, mulched, and some annuals planted.  I’ve also been toying with the idea of planting some veggies.  If that is ever going to happen, it needs to happen this week. 



So, wish me luck.  Because green thumb I have not. 

And if you wanna play along,  go visit Becky.  It’s not too late… you can join late like me… and then I won’t be the last one to play along!!


  1. This is a great idea! I am going to join you on the WLTOW. I need to finish our bathroom. Speaking of gardens I need to go water my wilting hydrangea's. Good Luck!

  2. I'm so glad you are playing along with us!

    I'm jealous that your project is going to get you outside in the sunshine. I keep choosing inside projects. That's probably because I have such a brown thumb and am lost when it comes to outside stuff. : )

    Aimee~ you should join us! Anyone can play even if they don't have a blog. Just leave me a comment and then check back on Wednesday and tell us how it went for you. We'll cheer you on through my blog.

    Go, Crystal, Go. Watch out weeds, her she comes! : )

  3. Good Luck! I have no green thumb either but my husband planted a garden and it is pretty fun and cost effective! I Love Love Love your site!! So cute. I can't wait to see the pretty flowers/vegis/dirt when you are done!

  4. Great way to enjoy those outdoor projects. It is hard work - but look so great when it is done. Go For It!!!!

  5. Good luck on your green thumb activities! My youngest son loves to pull weeds! He'll be outside playing and you'll look out and he's pulling weeds! Good luck on your WOW project and can't wait to see your finished pics.

  6. Great goals this week! I am usually battling it out with my flower beds as well, so maybe your after pictures will inspire me! You can do it!!!

  7. Great goals! I am usually battling it out with my flower beds as well, so maybe your after pictures will inspire me! Good luck!!!


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