Weekend Thoughts: Growing a Garden

WeekendThought_Button155 I’m trying to cultivate my garden so I did a lot of weeding this past week.  And as I did I found there are two ways to weed.  You can pick each individual weed out by hand, or you can whack them all with a hoe.   Both are effective and appropriate methods for weeding.

But, each has an appropriate time and place.  In my old garden which was empty of any vegetation except for weeds, the hoe was the method of choice.  I was able to whack out those weeds in about 25 min.


But in my flower beds, I had to take a different approach.  If I whacked, I would have killed the plants right along with the  weeds.  And what good would that be?


Another thing I got to think about while weeding (much more then I would have liked), is how to go about disciplining my children.  When I catch my older two spreading sand throughout the yard like "mulch," in spite of our consistent instruction to keep all sand in the sandbox, let's just say it's easy to overreact.  It's true there are times in life that sin needs to be cleaned right out, fast and furiously, kinda like weeding with a hoe.  It's true that intentional disobedience is a sin that dishonors our God, more so then it dishonors the parents (Ephesians 6:1).  But the truth is, only Jesus can make this happen.  Only he can wash us clean and make us new.

And thankfully, more often then not He is gentle.  He's using me as a parent to, "train them up in the way they should go".  We aren't supposed to overreact.  My children are a garden full of weeds but, I trust that inside those gardens the Lord has planted beautiful flowers that I would like to see bloom.  A hoe is not the right tool.  I can help to guide, correct, and discipline them.  But, I gotta tread carefully.  I need to get down on my knees (in prayer) and on their eye level and I need to speak with them calmly.  I need to point out their sinful behavior, explain why it is wrong, and walk them through processing how to better handle the situation.   I need to not only point out what is wrong, I need to teach them what the proper behavior is.  And sometimes they need to face consequences.  Because sin has consequence.  But they need it explained to them.  The goal is to give them the tool to know when they have done wrong, to know whats a weed and whats a flower. Punishment isn’t as effective as discipline.

I pray that someday, when I look at my children, I'll see a beautiful garden.

How about you? What’s been on your mind this week? Read something in a Bible study that got you thinking?  Heard a song lyric that touched your heart?  Realized something about yourself that maybe you hadn’t thought of before?  Have a great “aha” moment?   Please share.  I’d love to sit and have a heart to heart with you dear friend.  And thanks to this world wide web, I can.  So do tell, either by linking up below or posting a comment.   I’d love to hear your thoughts this weekend.

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  1. That's such a lovely thought...and so true!

  2. What a beautiful application of gardening! The timing of this is perfect, as we have been dealing with some of these in our house this week. I have been trying to explain the concepts of disobedience and sin, and praying a lot for wisdom and grace! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    I am enjoying participating in this carnival so much! Thanks for hosting it!

  3. I love your analogy!

    Also Mr. Linky is not working so well so... here are my weekend thoughts.


  4. Gardening is a great analogy for parenting. I really enjoyed what you had to say and it hit home because I think I tried weeding with a hoe this week!

  5. Oh Crystal...

    I NEEDED to see this today...I struggle with this area so much. I'm guilty of overreacting often. I keep telling myself that God is always so patient and gentle with me, His daughter, and that I need to be the same way with my own children and then Noah electrocutes himself playing with the plug I tell him not to play with all the time and I SNAP. Like a twig.

    I am printing this post for my fridge.

    It'll serve as a good reminder to me.
    p.s. I really want to "link up" next week. I almost did this weekend, but then I dropped the ball. No excuses...I just dropped it.

  6. Great thoughts and analogy. I already see great blooms in your children that God planted and you have helped weed and feed.
    Keep praying and writing - you are doing well!

  7. "My children are a garden full of weeds but, I trust that inside those gardens the Lord has planted beautiful flowers that I would like to see bloom." I LOVE THIS!!!!

    Ok, I'm game! Love this carnival idea, Crystal!



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