Straddling the Line


I am quickly approaching a new age bracket. 

The thirty somethings. 

It hit me rather squarely in the face yesterday when I looked into a women’s Bible study at a nearby church. 

I got so excited when I found a Beth Moore study meeting at a church less than 5 minutes from my house.  I quickly e-mailed an acquaintance from that church before even reading the small print. 

The study I mentioned to her was for 18-30 year old women, she replied.  “Do you fit in that category?”   She sent me a link for the “30 and up group” which meets the next night of the week. 

“Wow” I thought to myself.  I could fit in either group.  Since my birthday is this summer, I could join the 30 and up or the 30 and under. 

And since this is a new church to me, I don’t have friends in either category that could help sway my decision. 

I am in a rare position where I get to chose where to place myself.  And I have to ask, “Do I want to be the oldest in the crowd or the youngest?” 

Both nights of the week work equally well for my family.  I get to base my decision solely on where I want to position myself in the age bracket. 

I am leaning towards joining the 30 and up crowd because I assume more of them will be “motherly” like myself.   I see a world more of difference between myself and an 18 year old then myself and a 40 year old.

How did that happen?  When did I start identifying more easily with the middle age group than the young adults? 

I still have some time to decide, so I wanna know…which group would you join if you were in my place? 


  1. My personal approach to age-related issues is that I always want to be looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me, rather than trying to hold onto what I've already walked through. That said, I also agree with you that there's more of a difference between where most 18 yr. olds are and where we are at 30ish than I see between 30 and 40. Then again, there are a lot of 20 something moms too--maybe it would help if you could get a feel for the usual make up of the younger group--is it primarily college kids or SAHM or some mix?

  2. The Beth Moore group regardless of age bracket...wait, which study is it? I can't imagine there being a bad one and I'm sure there will be many ladies there around the same age. And if not you could be a wise mentor to a younger generation...

    That last part didn't help, did it?

    Hey, I'm younger than you and we get along swell....

    Digging the hole deeper aren't I?

    Well, I still think if it's a Beth Moore study you should do that one...there is always so much to glean from her studies.

    What's the other study? Hey, maybe if you do the "old lady group" we could do a virtual Beth Moore study...maybe Home Grown Strawberries would be into it too???? We could get the books and meet up on FB to discuss....?

    And just remember, you are only as old as you feel.

    Then again, that's easy for me to say...I'm younger than you!

    I mentioned that already, huh?

    We're still friends, right? :)

  3. I'm such a twit...are they both the same study with just two different age brackets?

    If the 30 and up. You will glean from the study and from the wisdom of women who may be just slightly ahead of you in parenting and marriage and all that jazz.

    I'm so dense this morning. I was too busy trying to tease you about your age to actually understand the post....

    Good grief.

  4. Where in Scripture does it say, the older women are to stay in one room and the younger women stay in another room when you learn about and discuss Scripture? There is something seriously wrong with this picture." "teach the older women...then they can train the younger women... so than no one will malign the word of God." Titus 2:5 If I were one of the "30 and up" crowd I would say, "Ok ladies, lets pick this group up and move it to where it belongs - with our younger sisters and bridge this gap here. Scripture tells us to, so lets obey it!" Actually, when you look at the Greek for an "older" woman, it is talking about a woman who is 65 or older and whose children have all left home. So, biblically, just because you hit 30 does not make you an older woman. This study is being modeled after the world and the culture - age segregation - where in Scripture it is the opposite, all ages together to learn from the wisest amongst us. I say, go find an older woman and do the study with her - it would probably be like mining gold. I am in a study right now where the oldest in 73 and the youngest is 15. We are all friends, all love each other and are all sisters in Christ. Just a challenge for you! :)

  5. that HAD to be my sister with the last comment, right? i love you kate, and i can smell your soap boxes a mile away! i also think she's right! i thought the only stress 30 would bring us is weight gain and gray hair. sheesh! i say go for the wisdom of the "old ladies."

  6. I have long been an advocate of mixing the ages. It has been a blessing to study among women older and younger than myself. Their wisdom and experiences broaden my experience and wisdom. It is exciting to be in a class that brings together new Christians and experienced ones. Being with new Christians of a more mature age just adds to the fun and learning.
    Which ever class you join I am sure you will be a welcome addition and a blessing.

  7. Of course that was me :)

  8. That's tough. I think 30 and up for the same reasons as Rebecca.

  9. honestly I'm still solidly in the 18-30 bracket but would try to sneak into the 30 and up. My husband is in that bracket and while I love my 20 something friends I don't think many are at the same place in life that I am nor do many want to be or even try to understand it. I also tend to feel more comfortable knowing that this is a group I can stay in for a while not one I would "graduate" from.

  10. Wow! So many of you had such good thoughts to share on this one. Thanks so much for your input. I agree with you that there is great wealth in multigenerations studying God's word together. All of us are in fact both women in Titus 2... we can all find women more mature in the faith, and less mature in the faith which we can mentor and be mentored by. What a privilege it is to study God's Word together. At this point, I am leaning towards attending the "older" women's group as it too is doing Beth Moore's study on Esther! Thanks ladies for you thoughts. I enjoyed reading them!!

  11. I am so so jealous it's the Esther study. I have been dying to do that one.

  12. What a great opportunity!!! I am really missing fellowship with Christian women and would love to find a study to get involved in in the fall.

    Anyway, back to your question...I'd also go with the 30+ group. My reason is that you can stay with them for longer, especially if you decide to do another study with them, you'll already be in the "right" place. And you can proably relate more to them, being a mom with an established family.

    Whatever you decide, I know you're just going to love it and learn so much!!

  13. Wow watch those 40 comments!!!
    I hate to have groups by age. I think it is so artificial and really having a mixed group benefits all. But you dont have a choice on that , go with the fun 30s and 40s =-) and have an awesome time studying Gods word and making some new friends.

    I plan to do Daniel next and by then hope the lending library at church will get Ester. I REALLY want to do Ester but we started at the beginning. I think it will help with more contextual understanding when we finally get there. The Patriarchs has been a great study and I cant believe we only have a few weeks left of it.

  14. I guess I'm late jumping in but I'll agree with all those who dislike age separations - I think we can all learn so much from walking with people who are in different seasons of life than us. I have some wonderful friends who are a lot younger than me but still wise beyond their years and I would have missed out on knowing them if we were divided by age. Same thing with the women I've gotten to know through my Bible studies who are older than me. But since that's not really what you were asking about, I say go with the older one as well. I hope you love the study!

  15. ohhhh.....just did the Esther study this spring. you're going to love it!

  16. I would probably go with the older group. I am 31, so I can relate to what you are going through, by the way. My thoughts would be that if the church is strict on the age requirements, next year when you turn 31 you would have to switch to the older group anyway. I would probably just start there.

    I also tend to agree with Katie. I believe we separate ages too much in church today, and it doesn't really follow the Biblical model. I think there are times when ages should be separated, but the generations need each other too. It is hard to find balance in this.

  17. I'm skimming your comments and cracking up at the dialogue. I, too, think there is a lot of wisdom in mixing the ages (if the group is too large, why not just split it into two nights but not specify ages?). However, given your circumstance, I would join the older group.

  18. Andrea WilliamsFriday, May 15, 2009

    I can relate to your feelings, having been a young mother myself, but turning 38 next week puts me awfully close to those middle aged 40 somethings you spoke of. Suddenly I think 40 is very young and NOT middle aged! As I remind Megh often, you are almost in my decade!


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