One of My Favorite Springtime Traditions


Each May the Blue Angels do an air show at the Naval Academy as part of the commencement week celebrations.  It is practically a holiday around here.   (If you don’t believe me, check the sign out sheets that afternoon at the local schools).  Scott actually saves half a vacation day each year so we can enjoy them as a family.




Hmm, do you think we enjoyed ourselves?


Check out 5M4M and 7 Clown Circus for more fun with pics!


  1. I think I remember you doing this last looks like a lot of fun!!!!

  2. Were you guys watching from the water? Great photos!

  3. I will have to go next year. I miss it, I'm sure you remember watching them practice during the last few weeks of High School. It was a sure sign we were almost done.

  4. I LOVE love love seeing the Blue Angels...I was so jealous when I saw your Fb status on that day! They come to our airshow in the summer so I have a couple months to wait still.

    Great pictures!

  5. I love seeing the Blue Angels!

  6. awwww! they look so thrilled. even your youngest, who, if i recall, did not enjoy them so much last year. :)

  7. We live within a couple of hours of the Blue Angels Base.

    My daughters went with a friend to see them perform in Huntsville Al but a storm blew in and the show was cancelled. We have never gotten to see them but we'd like to!

  8. I'm so sad that the navel base in our state closed, so the blue angels won't be coming back :.0( My son REALLY loves planes so I know he would enjoy the show and I hope some day he gets the chance.


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