Watch out Tiger!

My son really took an interest in golfing this weekend while watching my husband follow the U.S. Open. My husband rarely golfs but does have a set of clubs and after very persistent requests, my husband let my son use his clubs in the back yard. He taught him the different types of clubs (drivers, putters, irons) and when they are used. My son had a blast hitting the ball with the putter (which was almost as long as him) in the back yard and then running over to putt it into the pretend hole (between my husband's legs).

At one point he really started just randomly swinging at the ball and not really being intentional about it so Scott slowed him down and said,  "you really need to focus on the ball before you swing". Here is a clip of what my son did as a result. I had a hard time not laughing while taking this video clip. Note the intensity my son displays.

That boy makes me laugh.

Besides playing very focused golf, my son is also quite the critic.  While watching the U.S. Open on Father's Day, I overheard the following conversation.

"Dad, is that Tiger Woods?"


Tiger then makes a huge drive to get the ball onto the green.

My son sees that the ball is near the hole, but it didn't go into the hole.

"Dad, I thought you said Tiger Woods was good. He didn't get it into the hole."

Well son, he is good. You aren't always able to hit it right into the hole. It was good that he drove the ball 300 yards to get it near the hole. Then, he'll hit it in.

"Oh," - my son wasn't as impressed with this talent.

On Monday my son had the following conversation with me.

"Mom, is Tiger Woods real?"

"Yea, why?"

"Because I saw him on TV"

I realized then that most of watch he has seen on TV has been cartoons and we have been very careful to make sure he knows they are not real.

"Yes, Tiger Woods is real, you were watching pictures of him golfing in real life."

"Oh, does Daddy golf with Tiger Woods."


"No, Daddy's never golfed with Tiger."

"Has he golfed at the same grass?"

another chuckle

"No, Daddy golfed at a different course."

I love the innocence of youth.


  1. i have tears in my eyes.... i have to know, was his tongue sticking out of his mouth while he was 'focusing'? it had to have been. i hope we have kids half as funny as him. i can't wait for your girls to grow up!

  2. He is TOO funny! Seriously, someone should make a reality show aout your family...the audience would never stop laughing!

    Thanks for sharing, that really brightened my day!

  3. Oh, I love the video. "Focusing on the ball." He did a great job!

    I wanted to tell you thanks for your sweet comments on my posts about my Dad. It really meant a lot to me that so many people were touched by my simple little story. Thanks for making my month with your comments!

  4. He is just to sweet and funny at the same time! I love the way your husband takes time to spend with your children. It's beautiful to see.

  5. I'll bet the name "Tiger" is putting him on the proverbial wrong fairway (eg. cartoon character vs real person) :) "Woods" has got to be compounding matters, too! Put them together...sounds like a dangerous place. Y' "Shark Tank" or "Lions Den" or "Rattler Canyon" or "Snake River" or "Grizzly Pass". I'll stop.

    In the parlance of golfing hardware, I thought it'd be funny if Tiger Woods ever played with someone named "Lion Irons", "Puma Putters" or "Kitty Tees". How 'bout "Lynx Links" or "Cheetah Nevahwins"?

    It's over!! :)

  6. Too cute!
    Too funny!
    Too special!
    Very Special!
    May that focus and concentration take him far as he grows in the nurture and admonition of our Lord.


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