Isn't he just awesome?


I think everyone should be so lucky as to be married to an engineer. While it is true that purchasing large or technical products such as televisions, cameras, or computers will take longer as we'll he'll have to research the various brands, settings, options and figure out which one is the best price and has the best features for us, when any of those things breaks he is not afraid to open them up and fix them (and since he spend a larger portion of his childhood taking a part such items he actually knows what he is looking at and how to fix it).   Last week when we had our phone fiasco he was able to open the phone up and work on the motherboard and fix it.  For a few days we had to deal with no ringer (I wouldn't know that someone was calling my house until I heard my answering machine pick up at which point I'd have to quickly make a dash for the phone) but last night he got out his soldering iron and within 10 minutes the ringer was working!   Isn't that so cool?  His mind totally amazes me.  I have never wondered what the inside of a computer looks like, but because he has, when our screen broke, he wasn't afraid to unscrew a few screws and install a new screen, or keyboard, or hard drive (mmm, yea, we are a little hard on our laptop I am afraid to admit).   If a toy isn't working, even after I finally got around to changing the batteries, he'll just unscrew the top, do a little soldering and wa-la, the drum is back to playing that annoying little jingle when the kids beat on it.   I'm so thankful he asked why and how all those years and that his parents patiently answered him instead of just responding "because."   Hmmmm.... looks like I gotta start asking why so when my children ask me I will have something brilliant ready to say when asked, "How do the words in your e-mail end up on Daddy's computer at work?"


  1. We are very blessed having him as our son. Together you make a great team.

  2. He's so handy! :)

    I can't imagine being smart enough to just be able to crack something open and figure out how it works. He's got quite the talent for the technical!


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