The Circus Cast Grew (temporarily)

Isn't this a great picture?

It's just a down to earth action shot of us all eating dinner. It's me and my one, two, three, four?, five?.... wait a minute, that's too many. Your right, I only have three kids but we gained two new members to our circus cast this weekend as we watched the children of our very good friends while they went away for their anniversary. I got to experience life with 5 under 4 for a day and overnight! It was a ton of fun. There was one moment when I had everyone melting down at once, but I have moments like that with 3 and it was only a moment. It's really true what they say, once you get used to having 3, adding more isn't that much different. You (and your kids) are already accustomed to the fact that you can't meet everyone's needs immediately. Also, having friends for the kids to play with actually makes things easier in many ways rather than harder. I will say I had way more poopy diapers than I am used to. In addition to having two extra kids to change, my baby decided to go 3 times what she normally does in one day. I wonder what I fed her? Also, I didn't attempt any errands or trips out of the house with the little ones. I wasn't quite ready for the stares I knew I'd get at the store. (yea... that's why I didn't go to the store with 5 small children... not because I was outnumbered 5 to one, or because I couldn't fit them all in the cart or because I knew it would take 30 min just to get them into the car...not at all) Instead I saved my milk run for after Scott got home from work.

It's was a delight to have our friends here and we were sad to see them go.

(Ok - you know who you are and I know what your thinking. Scott and I are not pregnant nor are we thinking about it. We are happy with the three we have - at least for now :-)


  1. Did I say anything?

  2. I'll bet the kids had a great time playing together! You're brave tot ake them all on, but if anyone could do it, it would be you! :)

  3. Well you look great as a mama to five... you could totally pull it off.

  4. You look so calm and have it SO together. Looks like everyone is having a great time.


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