Mom vs The Fridge

When asked what it was like to get the power back on Friday, I replied " A lot of work."

After throwing away the spoiled food inside of my fridge and freezer, this is what I faced.

After an hour of scrubbing...

Here are a few tips I learned from the cleaning process.

  • If your power goes out and everything in your fridge spoils, clean out the freezer BEFORE the power comes back on and all the melted stuff in your freezer refreezes.

  • When you pour hot water in the freezer to melt the ice, don't just dump an entire glass full of hot water into the freezer. Instead, just slowly pour what you need to melt the ice (because you will have to wipe out all of that water before it freezes).

  • When cleaning out the freezer door be careful and don't let your baby daughter sit under you, because everything you wipe out will drop in the crack of the door and onto your poor baby girl (thus lea ving you to give her a bath AND mop the floor after you finish with the freezer.

This week I tackled my fridge and freezer, not exactly by choice, but they haven't looked this clean since we moved in. To see what other people are tackling, check out 5 Minutes for Mom.


  1. Cute baby!! It doesn't look like she minds the yuckiness one bit! Sorry that you had to deal with all that spoiled food. At least your fridge and freezer look fantastic now!

    We're in MD~ where are you?

  2. Oh, doesn't that stink! I just hate cleaning out the fridge. It seems like it gets dirty right away again too. Sorry you had spoiled food, but it is nice to have a sparkling, clean fridge. :-)

  3. LOL your baby is adorable. Here is my my tackle. I hope you will take a look and let me know what you think of the fabric I chose.

  4. Sorry - but look at that terrific job. A clean frig and freezer are so rewarding and baby girl looks so happy to be helping or playing :-) Remind you of the molasses day?!?!?

  5. yes but it sure looks great!

    Any tackle of improvement is a good one!!!

  6. Great job! Can ya come do mine next? lol ;o)

  7. Wow! Your fridge looks great now. :-) And what an adorable lil' girl. I bet you're glad you are done with all that scrubbing. Whoooh!

  8. That's one of those jobs you hate doing, but so worth it in the end.

  9. Ugg that stinks! And you have to buy more food which is so expensive right now! FYI another way to do it is to unplug it while you clean. At least baby girl looked like she had fun!

  10. The refrigerator is the one thing I really do dislike. It looks amazing though.


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