Clearly I Don't Wear Enough Bling

I was shopping at BJ's the other day with the kids when we passed the jewelry counter.

My son asked, "Why is there jewelry at BJ's?"

I responded, "So people can buy it."

He then said, "Yea... I guess if they were getting married and didn't have a ring they could come here."

Hmmm.... clearly this Mommy doesn't wear much jewelry, since my son thinks wedding rings are the only kind of jewelry one wears. It's not that I don't appreciate jewelry. I do . But my morning routine is typically a race. I put the baby down for her morning nap and the "big kids" get to watch one show from our TiVo while I take my shower. I'm racing the clock to get showered and dressed because once the show ends they wonder down the hall and my time is up. I'm happy to shave my legs and put on deodorant, let alone "accessorize"...

How about you? Do you wear jewelry everyday or just on special occasions?


  1. I used to wear more jewelry than I do now. I ALWAYS have on earrings! ALWAYS! I wear my hair VERY short and I don't want to be mistaken for a boy!!

  2. I wear my weddingring and watch.
    and since the second child and many pulled or broken pieces I just put it away more.
    And you know I don't miss it either, seems it often took the place of someone else's needs...meaning I would spend more time/monies on it then on them.

  3. Hi can understand ,I used to think it was old people that had a lot of jewlery . You have 3 DIAMONDS not
    for your hands nut in your heart.

  4. I wear jewelry every time I go out. If I'm just hanging around the house, it's just the wedding rings.

    When I go out, I at least wear a pair of earrings or a necklace...hopefully both if I can get my act together! :P

    If your son thinks you need more jewelry, I guess he has some ideas for your birthday!


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