Seeing Lady Liberty Up Close

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It was super fun to take the kids to see the “Statue of the Liberty” on the first day of our vacation.


It was a cloudy and overcast day so the picture of the Manhattan skyline don’t pop with color, but it was still really neat to see the skyline from this vantage point.


At first we couldn’t figure out why our youngest would lay down on the ground when we were at the base of the pedestal.  He was peeking through the crack to see the view.  Smile


It was really neat to look over at Lady Liberty from Ellis Island.


And then to see her get closer and closer as our ferry approached Liberty Island.



As we rode away on the ferry, our youngest waved and called out, “By statue of the liberty!”


We spent the entire afternoon there and got in the car to head on to Boston IMG_4477at around 5:45pm.  I thought for sure traffic would be horrendous, but it truthfully wasn’t that bad.  We made it through Manhattan without a problem and then hit a torrential downpour as we drove through CT.  It was a rough drive to our hotel in Boston, but thankfully we made it safely just prior to midnight.  Scott and I were both grateful for traveling mercies, and the fact that we had booked a hotel for that night and not a camp site.   We are hoping the thunderstorms get out of the way before we set up camp for the second part of the week.

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  1. Enjoy those pictures of Lady Liberty. Can't wait for our trip to NYC


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