Birthday in Boston

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The plan for today was to wake up and prepare to catch a ferry to Boston Harbor Island to begin the camping portion of our vacation.

However, we woke to this.


And after checking the weather saw that the day was going to be off and on rain showers for the remainder.  This seemed like less than an ideal setting to haul all our camping gear onto a ferry, off a ferry, onto another ferry, to our campsite AND THEN set up a tent… a tent with a screen roof none the less.  So, we opted to stay another night in our hotel and spend another day visiting Boston.

We drove into the city intending to find some Boston Baked Beans for lunch.  However, we couldn’t find parking anywhere close to the restaurant so instead we visited the ducks.  This was a cool bonus perk for me as I wanted to see this if we had time, but then had taken it off  the agenda.


Since we learned yesterday that parking garages were out of the question, and street parking seemed hard to locate in downtown Boston, we decided to drive back out of the city and ride the T in.  We also figured the kids would enjoy that experience.

We were right.  They LOVED riding the train.  The joy and enthusiasm on my little guys face was priceless.  And almost all of them said it was their favorite part of the day.


We rode into the city and then walked around the downtown district.  We saw a few street performers, splashed in some puddles, and Scott and the kids bought me flowers for my birthday from a flower stand and then we set off to find some Boston Baked Beans.


Then we splashed in some more puddles and enjoyed an evening stroll in the city.


We decided to put to test out which bakery we preferred… Mike’s Pastry’s from last night or Modern Pastry… we ordered our dessert to go and found a table with a magnificent view for the kids to sing me Happy Birthday and enjoy our dessert.  Then we rode the T back to our hotel.


It really was a wonderful day.  I feel like we got to enjoy a little more of the city.  I really like city life and every time I’m in a city, I dream about what it would be like to live in one.  I wonder if I would find it as charming as I imagine.  I do think it would be fun for a season at least.  Boston is delightful… at least in the summer, I don’t think I’d be nearly as romanced by it in the winter.

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  1. What a wonderful birthday!! Glad that you could find a happy alternative to camping in rain and floods. You guys are the best at impromptu plans


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