Perfect Ending


The last true day of our vacation (the day before we headed home) was in my opinion the most relaxing day of the week.

We slept in, ate breakfast, (the kids did the dishes), and then we headed out for a morning hike along the beach.


The tide was out and we discovered many living creatures in tide pools on the rocky beach




We made our way to the other side of the island and even caught a glimpse of the Boston skyline.   The kids enjoyed splashing in the water and skipping rocks.


Then we headed back to the beach we spent the afternoon at the day before, stopping for a picnic  lunch (and some sword fighting) along the way. 


We spent the rest of the day camped out along the shore. 


The kids had the most incredible time digging, throwing rocks and balancing a board on a giant rock.  They pretended they were surfing.  When they started the tide was low and they could easily get to the rock.  As the tide slowly came in, Scott would go out and haul the rock closer to shore for them.  He did this at least 6 times.  If he hadn’t by the time the tide came in, they would have been in over their heads if they wanted to stand on the rock.  I couldn’t believe how long this entertained them. 


Surfing, watching each other surf…. I read an entire book during those 2 days.  And Scott enjoyed a book as well.  We snacked on grapes and pistachios, feet in the sand, listening to the kids giggle while we read.


Folks…. it was a TRUE VACATION DAY!

Then when we were hungry, I ran up to the campsite and gathered food while Scott and our oldest built us a fire.  We cooked dinner over the fire, then roasted marshmallows and then when we were ready for bed, we cleaned up and headed back to our tent. IMG_4997IMG_5000


I couldn’t have asked for a better day! 


  1. Now that really is a vacation day!!!

  2. The kids said it was their favorite day, too!


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